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So Hanasaku Iroha is the second series I’ll be blogging this season. The thing which makes this show stand out is that although on the surface it’s about cute girls like so many other shows, these aren’t your average friendly cute girls. In fact, they’re deeply flawed people who are actually kind of jerks. I’m really looking forward to Iroha dishing out some payback and Minko eat that spinach.

You can’t help but feel a bit sorry for even Minko though after seeing the adults in this series. That assistant chef especially— bullying Minko and asking if Iroha has any friends. It’s obvious that the person without any friends would be him. Clearly, Iroha’s grandmother has her issues as well. But still, compared to Minko’s mother, her grandmother actually looks good. I realized Iroha’s mother was irresponsible in the first episode, but it still seemed like she and her daughter were a close family. It still does seem like they are close, in their own way, but not exactly as the happy family I had imagined. And don’t let me get started on that author…

So far this show has been great for piling on the rage. In my opinion the best shows are the ones that give the viewer an emotional attachment, whatever emotion that happens to be. We can only hope that the rage will continue to build up and explode spectacularly. Iroha’s explosion against Minko and Nako was a bit corny but still very satisfying, especially seeing Minko finally give in. It seems like Iroha will win those two over soon, and hopefully we won’t move into a happy idyllic inn life but rather continue with the anger from the adult side. And no, I don’t feel guilty for wishing that they’ll be miserable for the sake of my entertainment value.

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