Hanasaku Iroha 05 — Balut!

It was quite satisfying seeing Minko get a taste of her own insults. Hopefully this won’t dissuade her from further creativity.

I thought that the love triangle around Tohru was a bit forced, and it turns out that’s because it didn’t exist. 🙂   I’m very pleased with this development, and I’m siding with Ohana here: I don’t see how anyone could like that guy. But it was nice seeing Ohana make a fool of herself.

I am wondering though if they decided to have Ohana and Minko make peace a bit too soon. This is a two course show they’re going to need some more drama, and Minko was a very nice source for this. I’m hoping that they don’t go the route of the grandmother’s “joke” in saving the inn from being closed since this trope has been done to death so many times in the past. It seems that in the immediate future Ohana’s friend Ko will be making a visit, so this should spice things up.

I was quite surprised to see this week that the author actually made a good addition to the cast as part of the inn’s staff. I half expected him to be squirreled away in the background for the remainder of the show, but his creative interpretations were the driving force for much of this episode. He complements Tomoe (the woman in the pink kimono above) well in terms of rumormongering.

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