Hanasaku Iroha 17 — We Shall Return!

Yuina is just too much. Hot pants, a spy and a zombie in one episode.

This episode was mainly devoted to Enishi and Takako. Takako began as the most annoying character in Hanasaku Iroha. In all honestly, she still is, but in combination with Enishi I do like her. She’s the type of person who takes charge, and Enishi is the kind of person who gets taken charge of.

In one scene, Enishi was about to hit Takako  for making fun of his sister, but she slapped him instead. And he liked it and begged her to lead them in their comeback. I think that in this way Takako is very similar to Ohana’s mother, and that’s probably why he likes her. Enishi’s unbelievably clumsy (see the pool scene) and a terrible businessman. But in spite of his unassuming appearance and his lazy-looking appearance, he certainly doesn’t lack in enthusiasm or effort. “WE SHALL RETURN!” Totally GAR. I actually thought it kind of made sense the way he said it too.

I’m still not entirely sure what to make of the grandmother’s role in all this. She wants to give him some freedom, sure, but you’d think she would give him freedom with something she didn’t know would turn out disastrously. There’s the possibility she didn’t know, of course, but she didn’t seem too surprised when the director skipped town. The manager also tried to play a motherly role in this episode. And we discovered (or already knew) that Enishi is a momma’s boy. The pool scene was cute too. (not sure what the planes had to do with anything though) Any bets on whether the manager will ever tell Ohana to call her grandma?

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  1. I thought the Grandmother did well in allowing Enishi the freedom to make this mistake by himself. She alluded to having him take over Kisuiso, and for that to happen he still has much to learn about the business. I liked the Enishi/Kakako bit (especially the pool scene). I thought the writers did a good job setting that scene up too – having Enishi draw the realization about Kakako through her reference to her “power suit.”

    I’ve said it before, but I’m a big Ohana fan and I think the producers are sort of wasting her character. It’s been a while since I’ve seen such an honest and believable main character as Ohana and I’d like to see them play more to her.

    From what I gather, it seems Yuina has quite the fanbase in this series. She’s OK and I have nothing against her, but I’d put her behind Ohana and…oh, what’s Minichi’s love interest’s name? I can’t remember, but he’s very interesting. Here’s hoping they pick up that potential love triangle and give us some real drama SOON!

    1. For me the main appeal of Yuina is her voice and her use in fanservice. 🙂 In terms of my actual interest in the characters I would put her behind Ohana and Tooru (that’s his name), along with many other people on the cast. I did enjoy the drama with Yuina a couple of episodes ago though. But they really have been neglecting the love triangles.

  2. I hate Enishi…he is such a wanker and he’s annoying at best.

    He needs to man up and stop- Oh he did. Thank god. If he got any more immature, I would have killed someone.

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