Happy Birthday to Me! Year Three!

Wow. I’ve been writing this blog for three years now. Time seems to fly by faster and faster the older you get.

The word on the street is that after blogging for three years you will suddenly disappear from the face of the Earth. I have no plans to do so so don’t worry. Definitely can’t quit before SAO season 2 at the very least.

Boring Statistics

Two Years Ago:

  • 43,500 Visitors
  • ~350 Visitors per Day (at end of year)
  • ~60 RSS Subscribers
  • 437 Posts
    • 262 Episodic Posts
    • 61 First Impressions
    • 78 Reviews

Last Year:

  • 210,000 Visitors
  • ~700 Visitors per Day (at end of year)
  • ~155 RSS Subscribers
  • 456 Posts
    • 241 Episodic Posts
    • 95 First Impressions
    • 60 Reviews

This Year:

  • 260,000 Visitors
  • ~1000 Visitors per day at beginning of year, 500 at end
  • ~300-350 RSS Subscribers (according to feedburner, no idea what these numbers mean anymore now that Reader closed)
  • 390 Posts
    • 154 Episodic Posts
    • 102 First Impressions
    • 80 Reviews

By the numbers, I’ve had about as many visitors as last year, except I slacked off and blogged fewer shows. But actually I had a very successful first half of the year, and visitors have died down towards the end. The numbers are a bit misleading though since this fall is due almost entirely to waning interest in SAO hentai. Next year is going to be really busy with SAO season 2 coming out!

Fun Statistics

Top Google Searches (140,000 Total):

  1. 79,262 (not provided) – arggh, google!
  2. 10,861 sword art online hentai
  3. 2,911    sao hentai
  4. 1,623    anime blog
  5. 1,097    sword art online hentai video
  6. 992        hentai sword art online
  7. 951        draggle
  8. 621        anime girl with lab coat
  9. 474        hentai sao
  10. 443        draggle anime

Most of these are self-explanatory, except for “anime girl with lab coat”. This was one of my top search terms last year too. And the scary part is, all 621 hits seem to be from a single person. Now they will probably find this page too. Anyway, whoever you are, I hope you succeed on your quest to find all the anime girls with lab coats. It is a truly noble endeavor.

FYI, 17.86% of incoming search terms included the word “hentai”.

Best Google Searches

  • sword art online. actually this isn’t hentai… — well, actually…
  • family tree hentai — well yeah that’s how those branches sprout
  • if sword art online was a hentai — it wasn’t?
  • what episode contains the most sex in queen’s blade — tough, tough question
  • what role do men play in queens blade — A budding scholar. I hope you realized that Queen’s Blade is actually a feminist masterpiece.
  • eru erufu why — WHY??? WHY?!!!!
  • soa why does asuna have kirito take his clothes off?
  • why is asuna breast so small while lyfa is so big

Worst Google Searches

  • minami-ke tadaima hentai
  • arrietty hentai
  • chikorita hentai this is probably what you were looking for
  • fate zero rin loli hentai
  • hentai dolphin
  • hentai your majesty gets wet
  • what episode in queens blade do they have sex (+20 variants of this) — every one
  • does draggle suck — no, definitely not
  • who invented the renaissance — Galileo, after he invented the airplane

Funniest Google Searches

  • if kirito and asuna had a kid what would it look like — like Yui, duh. Idiot.
  • what anime shows the crotch — most of them?
  • what comes first infinite ryvius or infinite stratos
  • what did asuna think when getting undressed — wasn’t thinking, just drooling over Kirito’s sword
  • what happen when boob shake — kingdoms rise and fall, and the earth is shaken to its foundations
  • sword art online scene where kirito wakes up with butt — I want the scene where he wakes up without one
  • draggle anime blog arch nemesis (85 hits) — it’s Myna
  • i cant claim draggle — I don’t belong to anyone!
  • why is everyone so annoying

With 140,000 incoming searches, I’m obviously barely scraping the top of the barrel here.

Thank You Everyone!

Thanks to all my readers, for whom this site exists. I’m especially grateful to everyone who comments, as that’s how I know people actually read what I write and what motivates me to keep going. There are too many people I’m grateful too to list them all. But I’ll give a shout out to a few people I’m especially thankful to:

  • My commenters (again). I’ll mention the five most active commenters for the year: eternia (150), jreding (149), MCAL (76), Gan_HOPE326 (38) and Cholisose (34). Thank you all!
  • Everyone at The Classiest Anime, with whom I watch Classy anime and who put up with my perverted jokes. Especially redball, John Sato, Fosh, TheRealPaper, Yerocha, Reiseng, and emperorj.
  • Everyone I talk to on Twitter (way too many people to name).
  • My IRL friend who got me into dramas, and my other IRL friend who tricked me into building a Gundam with him and then ditched me to build it myself.
  • My arch-nemesis Myna for covering Titans for me while I was gone.
  • joshspeagle for writing a great guest post while I was gone.
  • Redball and his family for coming to visit me.
  • Kevo for meeting me for dinner.
  • Emperorj, Shinmaru, normalmar, SeHNNGSeth Burn, and many others for spending time with me at Anime Expo.
  • Marina and Avvessione for hanging out with me in Seattle.
  • Charles and Otou-san for meeting me for lunch the other week.

And I’m sure there are many others I’ve forgotten. Thanks again to all my readers. Let’s look forward to another great year!

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me! Year Three!

    1. Definitely there will be more when SAO season 2 airs! I am thinking of doing some before that though, if the right kind of show presents itself.

  1. Congratulations, draggle, for another year of your entertaining and inspiring blog!

    “Visitors have died down towards the end” unfortunately applies for my visits, as well. The last few months I had no proper broadband and not much time to watch anime, so I couldn’t really keep up w/ most series. Hope I’ll be back following your blog this year!

    1. Thank you! Hope to see you around next year too!

      My anime watching has also died down this year, sadly… We’re all getting old.

  2. Wow. I am the top commenter? LOL.
    Does that count as achievement?
    Time sure flies by when you get older.
    Also, it diminishes.
    I hope I can spare some time for more SAO fun.

        1. Not sure… It is getting marked as “On Hiatus” for some reason. I tried to use my feedburner URL instead, maybe that will work.

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