Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s been a year to the day since I started blogging. At first, I thought I would last a week at most. Now here I am a year later. Let’s see if I can keep it going for another year.

Useless Statistics

Since I started the site, it’s had 43,500 visitors. We started out in January with around 10 visitors per day; now we tend to get around 350. Approximately sixty people subscribe to the RSS feed. A big thank you to all of our readers!

The site had a total of 1738 comments in the past year, and about half were mine. The commenting rate has continued to accelerate: over half of the comments were left in the past three months. Thank you to all of our commenters! If success could be quantified, this would certainly qualify.

Our most popular Google search terms were Guilty Crown, Wacky Races (huh?), Dororon Enma-kun Meramera (eh?), Mawaru Penguindrum, Draggle’s Anime Blog, Nichijou, Infinite Stratos Review, Draggle blog, and Guillermo Baldini.

I wrote a total of 437 posts this year: 262 were episodic posts, 61 were first impressions of new series, and 78 were reviews. That’s over one post per day!

Important Statistics

Best Google Searches:

  • “i like my women like blowfish: stripped by me.”
  • “sex with the devil” anime
  • an anime where they go to 2nd base – Moshidora?
  • anime is great – Yes. Yes it is.
  • becoming a mermaid – Sorry. I don’t know how.
  • guilty crown i hate inori (many variants) – with you all the way!
  • how to act like inga un-go – Can’t help here.
  • im gonna punch that dragon in the face – Do it! Especially if it’s named Rose!
  • merlin penis saber – WTF?
  • orbital bombardment – Yeah!
  • raging libido
  • the shinkansen is pooping
  • what on earth do you want? everything.everything in the world – A good choice.

Worst Google Searches (hopefully this won’t put me on the FBI watchlist):

  • all dogs hentai – gross!
  • anime and unicorn porn – None of that here.
  • anime hoe tied up – and hundreds of variants of “anime girls tied up”
  • Hundreds of searches involving rape and bondage (why?)
  • bitch loses her clothes
  • boy wetting the bed
  • christmas anime rape – Let’s get in the holiday spirit!
  • cornered loli – Let the loli go!
  • cute little girl wets the bed
  • depantsing
  • Hundreds of variants on fat anime girls
  • go shitting
  • hayate ayasaki rapes hinagiku katsura – No he does NOT.
  • japanese girls stripping naked
  • last exile anime porn
  • lesbian wrestling matches
  • let’s strip
  • little 8 year old lift up her skirt anime
  • mirai nikki sex games – It’s not that kind of game.
  • mom in her underwear – Please no.
  • naked girls high kicking
  • naked picture on girls parts – Which parts?
  • nichijou go to hell mio – You go to hell!
  • oldman daughter fetish
  • porn movies animal lovers – Those poor, poor animals.
  • real girls kidnap and tied up with rope
  • school rumble porn – I’ve gotten hits for pretty much every series I’ve ever mentioned with “porn” tacked on the end.

Funniest Google Searches:

  • “draggle’s daughter” – Uh oh, I never heard about this.
  • “i am mad scientist!” – yes you are!
  • a fat girl with a big belly – is there any other kind?
  • animation of a cow drinking milk – um?
  • captain america in the balls – Huh?
  • chinese food in america isn’t real – Or is it? What is “real”?
  • how would i know if my grandfather was really my father. – Do you really want to?
  • i am extremely cute – Really now?
  • i can send thoughts through time – Me too! Only forward though.
  • is christmas one day – No, it’s twelve.
  • kill people with laser
  • my dad is old enough to be my grandfather – Sorry?
  • neocortex in flower pot
  • ninth and fourth mirai nikki email address – Send me your email and I can put you in touch.
  • no. 6 are shion and nezumi gay]
  • outer space porn – What would this be, two galaxies colliding?
  • pregnant anime blog – I really don’t have a daughter and I’m not going to, okay?!
  • shinjiro sleeps with inga – hopefully the adult form?
  • souls of unborn children as currency – I’ll stick with the dollar, thank you very much.
  • why did infinite stratos sell – Based on all the searches I get, the answer is clear.
  • yo mum withod undewear – Yo!

Thank You Everyone!

I won’t be able to list everyone, so I want to thank up front everyone who has contributed in any way to this site. First of all, I want to think my readers, for whom I write this blog, and our commenters, who motivate me to keep going. I especially appreciate comments that disagree with me and make me think, so lurkers, don’t be afraid! I won’t bite!

I also want to thank all the readers and other bloggers I’ve interacted with on Twitter! I’ve had many fascinating conversations, on topics ranging from anime to robots to showering habits. If anyone isn’t already following me on Twitter, you can find me here. You can also find me on Google+, although I’m not as good at updating that, and on MAL. Don’t be shy!

But specifically, thank you to…

  • Chike, one of my first loyal commenters, for motivating me to keep going;
  • Myssa Rei, for leaving the site’s first comment and convincing me that someone was actually reading, and for her later insightful comments on Last Exile;
  • KrimzonStriker and Judge, for one of the most interesting discussions the comment section has seen;
  • Vuc and ajthefourth, for many engrossing conversations on Penguindrum and on anything and everything on Twitter;
  • animekritik, for fascinating discussions of phantom books, imperialism, mythology and everything in between, and for leading me into the Leijiverse;
  • Charles, for sharing my interest in anime, history and religion;
  • Joesph, for being the site’s biggest promoter;
  • Foshizzel, for his radiant enthusiasm and chronic cheerfulness;
  • GuardianEnzo, for encouraging me in the early days of the site;
  • Maruasdf, for helping me practice my Spanish;
  • E Minor, I miss you, come back;
  • Marina, for making me hungry;
  • Jesus159159159,  for making me laugh and for bathing occasionally;
  • Shinmaru, for making me groan (at bad anime, not at him);
  • Snippet, for being genki;
  • Flomu, for being a cynical asshole;
  • Marrow, for being Swedish;
  • processr, for his awesome British accent;
  • Muse,  for many discussions on Dantalian;
  • BryanBlair, for (most recently) saving me from watching Manyuu Hikenchou;
  • AnyaBeldenOtaku, chiiEphemeralDreamer, feal87, Inushinde, Joojoobees, Lostty, kiddticMira, Mr. A, seer, Seinime, Shance, tomphile, tsurugiarashix, Yi  (sorry if I missed anyone) for many discussions on our blogs and Twitter and too many other things to name;
  • Everyone else that I talk with on Twiter;
  • jreding, Mad Chemist, Mynareiseng, and all the other commenters. You are the reason I write this blog!

Happy new year! I have no plans to stop, and this year is going to be even better than the last!

45 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Wow! Congrats on the blog stats man! I have to say finding your blog was great thanks to twitter and Vuc and AJ! Really great to see more blogs on my reader. And wow those are some random, disturbing and hilarious google searches I have ever seen! I have no idea about Metanorn searches but I have seem the spam…

    D’awww! Thanks for the shout outs! I hope 2012 brings you even more readers and comments, I can’t wait to see what winter series you decide to follow next. As for me probably Lagrange, Aquarion EVOL and daily lives of highschool boys or miniskirt pirates IN SPACE! xDD

    I shall return my own shout out soon on one of the Metanorn podcasts 😀

    1. Thanks! For the winter, I’m already blogging three ongoing shows. I’ll decide on the rest after the first episodes air.

  2. Happy birthday! And congrats! I hope you have a splendid day and celebrate it like a champ. : D

    Those searches are hilarious and disturbing.

    Thanks so much for the shout out! I’ll be attempting episodic blogging soon, so I’m probably gonna need your feedback and advice!

  3. “draggle’s daughter” – Uh oh, I never heard about this. [LAUGHTRACK]

    pregnant anime blog – I really don’t have a daughter and I’m not going to, okay?!

    Aw, what’s with that attitude? If you keep this up (blogging), you’ll eventually meet your Anime-Blogging Girlfriend! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ.・゚*。・+☆ It’s the new hit MTV series! (*CRICKET*)… (maybe I’d have an anime girlfriend too if I weren’t kicked by Lord Slug Master… *BA DUM PSH*)

    Anyway, congrats and my god those searches…

  4. Happy birthday Draggle_kun! And congratulations on your awesome statistics. Since this is a special moment, I wrote a story based on your searches (could’t make any better than this–sorry, please blame your Google searches).

    A fat girl with a big belly and a cornered loli are having lesbian wrestling matches with raging libido making a cute little girl wets the bed. Then this little 8 year old lift up her skirt because shinjiro sleeps with inga.

      1. Ohhh…I was about to say that happy birthday and that we are fated because my actual birthday is next to yours.

        But it seems not.

        More power to your blog.

  5. hayate ayasaki rapes hinagiku katsura

    If anything it would be the other way around, though neither would ever happen. I do wonder what goes through peoples head sometimes. I like HayatexHina as much as the next guy, but still…

    cute little girl wets the bed
    little 8 year old lift up her skirt anime


    Anyway, funny goggles aside, CONGRATULATIONS!
    43500 visitors is a lot of visitors. You get more people here per day, than I used to in a month.

    Wanna know why people like you?
    It’s because you know your stuff! Your grasp of mythology, and general knowledge is quite expansive and uhh..impressive. You are also good at writing it down without seeming like a know-it-all.

    Hopefully, you can cross the magical 2 year mark and eventually the 3 year mark, for when that happens, you will have earned your place in “The Hall of Anime-Blogging Legends”.

    Oh, and thanks for the Shoutout, it made me happy!

    1. Thanks, glad you like the site! You’ll get more visitors eventually, I started out in the single digits per day, eventually it picked up.

  6. “I’ve gotten hits for pretty much every series I’ve ever mentioned with “porn” tacked on the end”

    This seems to be a thing with Google. I don’t understand…

    Anyway, congratulations on your first blogging birthday! And thanks for the shoutout! I hope for more discussions in the future. 😀

  7. Great work pal, you really know your stuff and also don´t get lost in either baseless trolling, nor dry political correctness.
    Btw, where do you live ? Do you spanish by chance ? Me parece que si, no ?

  8. Happy birthday and congrats to the impressive stats! I love your blog for its combination of insightful observations and witty comment – please keep on your good work!

  9. Happy birthday! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, particularly Penguindrum posts and Dantalian no Shoka posts (even though I disliked the latter series)

    1. Thanks! I didn’t realize you’ve been here that long. I didn’t like Dantalian that much either, as you know. 🙂

  10. Following on Twitter? Check.
    Send friend request on MAL? Check.

    Congratulations, draggle, for your blog’s 1-year anniversary! You’ve made some wonderful progress in the short time that I’ve read your blog, and I always look forward to new entries. I love that you shared various google searches, as well as some fun statistics. Keep it up!

    (and I’ll try to cook more food and blog about it :p )

  11. Congratulations! And thanks for the shout-out – I’m thankful to you for all the interesting posts. 😉

    Oh, and those google searches? My goodness…that was great for a good laugh!

    1. Thanks for reading, and for sharing your thoughts as well!

      I don’t seem to always get the most enlightened visitors through google search.

  12. Woot! Congratulations! I’ve always found it enjoyable to read your blog and I hope to read even more! Those google searches are always weird. But yours are hilarious!

  13. Happy belated birthday to your blog!

    Interestingly enough, the only worst term that I’ve gotten in 9 months of blogging that is even remotely strange is “rpg school food punishment.” Apparently my blog repels the weird terms and people well enough. ^_^

    1. Thanks!

      That really isn’t that strange at all… weird. Here’s some advice for how you too can get to the top of Google and get tons of hits: mention porn a few times in passing! Porn porn porn porn porn porn porn!

    2. Not that weird. RPG is, I believe, the name of the OP for Un-Go, while School Food Punishment is the name of the band (I may have those mixed up). So, still anime related, at least.

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