Hataraku Maou-sama 11 — Bumming Out

Pretty good finale. Well it’s technically not over yet but I assume next week will just be more goofing off. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Lucifer totally stole the show:





So the more serious parts to the finale, particularly the parts involving James, were lame as expected. Was hoping Maou would have to destroy the moon to defeat him like in Symphogear. But it was still a great ending because they tossed in lots of humor centering on the differences between the demon and the human worlds, which has been what Hataraku Maou-sama so entertaining this entire time.


For example, Suzuno attacks Maou and all he’s concerned about is that Dullahan has been destroyed.


And how Maou strips before fighting so as not to damage his uniform which was loaned to him by McDonalds. It’s things like this that make this show shine.

The final punchline was the best part though:


Ashiya misses the entire battle because he went home to get his cape.

4 thoughts on “Hataraku Maou-sama 11 — Bumming Out

  1. The situation comedy is the best thing of this show imo. Sorry for raving so much about Suzuno but her blushing when Maou undresses his precious McRo uniform was just too cute! James’ rambling and his comments about his two victims’ physical features (and Emi’s reaction) were funny, as well.
    Apart from that the episode felt pretty much rushed. E.g. I didn’t get at where from Maou drew his power suddenly?

    1. No apology necessary, Suzuno’s reaction was adorable. I think Maou gained his power from everyone’s fear.

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