Hidan no Aria 07 — *yawn*

Another typical episode of Hidan no Aria. A third of Aria screaming at Kinji and calling him stupid (because we certainly haven’t hard Rie Kugimiya do that enough!), a third of Shirayuki acting tragic in a kimono, and a third of Kinji running around like an idiot and clutching his cellphone.

For the first third of the episode involving Aria, I think I’ve already exhausted the same complaints for every other episode, so I’ll skip that. For Shirayuki they have unfortunately decided to neglect her crazy side, and turned her into another cute innocent unfortunate girl needing a manly man to protect her. I would feel much more sympathetic for her if she spent less time trying to steal a kiss and more time cutting her rivals to pieces.

But I can’t wait for the next episode! Who is the person who’s taken Shirayukii hostage? I can’t tell because of the crazy synthed voice and the fact that his presence is cloaked in shadow! Is it Durandal and will Aria finally get her revenge? Kyaah! </sarcasm>

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