Hidan no Aria 11 + 12 — Gurgling Vampiric Minotaur

Seriously, what was up with that final boss? Was that supposed to be a laugh or a roar? It sounded like he was gurgling water, although I’m fairly certain that wasn’t the intention…

The eleventh episode consisted of Kinji and Aria infiltrating a mansion and stealing Riko’s rosary. It was mainly an excuse for meido fanservice.

In the final episode, after receiving the rosary on the top of a skyscraper, Riko reveals that she will betray Kinji and Aria and kill them. Then Riko gets stabbed in the back and stomped on by her teacher. Who proceeds to transform into a gurgling vampiric minotaur. Kinji falls off the roof, and Riko jumps off as well to save him with her strip-parachute. Everyone combines their powers to shoot all of the monster’s four weak points at once. Kinji pulls a William Tell and bounces his bullet off Aria’s in midair to hit the right points. Riko jumps off the roof in her underwear and flies off with her parachute. Aria beats up Kinji some more. The End.

This episode was so bad it was funny. I’ve already mentioned the final boss, which was the “best” part. We also have Kinji’s miraculous marksmanship: he can bounce bullets off of each other in mid-flight, and he has already mastered Reki’s wolf-paralysis technique after seeing it once (and he can even do two wolves simultaneously!).  Then we have Riko’s strip-parachute, which either has some hidden rocket boosters or defies all laws of physics by carrying her from near ground level to well above a skyscraper. And Aria knows that the gurgling vampiric minotaur is Count Dracula because… well, it’s obvious, right?

So clearly, this show didn’t cover all of the original source material… but they still didn’t do too well at making it all come together in the end. There was no Shirayuki in the final arc. Reki and Jean d’Arc never mattered at all. The last episode introduced Kinji’s ex-girlfriend (?) for no apparent reason. The final bad guy was their teacher, but I’m not even sure we ever knew his name. All in all, it seemed like the creators were just making stuff up as they went along.

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