High School DxD Hero Review — C

The boobs dragon is back.

This was a weird season. I’m not sure what the point of a lot of it was. There was this Kyoto arc which just seemed pointless. And then a whole battle tournament against this really nice guy which meant there wasn’t much tension. I couldn’t entirely follow why they were even fighting in the first place to be honest. Although it was a pretty good gay ship. I’m starting to think the gay ships are better than the straight ones actually. Although I’m pretty sure this show was not designed for that…

It did have some really great moments. The first episode of this season was probably the best of the entire series. It consisted of Issei putting on a play about the boobs dragon and having hordes of little kids cheering for him, which continued throughout the season. That was great.

I wasn’t especially a fan of the new character designs, but can’t say I care too much.

Generally, this show has gone on too long and now has too many characters. It has to iterate through all of them to show they haven’t been forgotten rather than letting the characters focus on doing interesting things. There are a number of the characters that didn’t seem to do anything of significance all season.

  • Storytelling – C – Losing focus.
  • Voice – B – Still do like the setting.
  • Characters – C – Too many, little growth.
  • Attention Grab – C – Why are we focusing on the males.
  • Production – C – It was fine I guess.
  • Overall – C

Recommendations – Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou, Sora no Otoshimono, Daimidaler

3 thoughts on “High School DxD Hero Review — C

  1. Adam is given enhanced intelligence, toughness, speed, strength, toughness, reflexes and senses in his reincarnated body he is given this enhancements by god himself and is given a magical wand that takes the form of a smartphone Elysium is kind of like the world where Adam was originally from but with magic being common place along with monsters living together with the humans of the world of Elysium.

  2. also in Adam’s guild we meet a girl with spider like limbs, a girl with six fingers on her right hand six fingers on her left hand and six toes on her right foot and six toes on her left foot, a girl with creepy long arms, a girl with creepy long fingers, a girl with a flower like mouth, a girl with no eyes, a girl with scars covering her body, a wrinkled hag with a mole on her chin, a girl with two heads, a girl with wings growing from her head and feathers covering her body, a girl with angelic wings and a halo who is a angel who also has blonde hair blue eyes and white skin , and a female demon with dark brown skin long black hair glowing yellow golden eyes, fangs, claws, a long forked tongue, pointy ears, a demonic tail, and demonic bat like wings.

  3. I have to assume you haven’t read the light novel. The Kyoto arc and Sairaorg fight are just setting the stage for MUCH bigger things. And in the novel the characters all get a fair split of attention and the anime should have no trouble with covering that if they do the same 2 volumes per season that seasons 1,2, and 4 did. Also, the mistakes that season 3 made are the reason why the fight with Sairaorg seems to be pointless, when in the novel it is well explained that the top 4 next heads of the main devil households were having a Rating Game tournament. In the novel Rias and co fought Sonas group first, and beat them. Then they dealt with the whole Issei going Juggernaut Drive, when they were supposed to be having their second fight, but it was attacked and such. Sairaorg, who is Rias’ cousin, was rated #1 and therefore the toughest match they were likely to encounter. Season 3 leaving things out is the main thing to blame here. S4 is well paced and sticking to source. And believe me, I wont spoil, but s5 and beyond is going to be better and better, especially for those who actually care about the story.

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