Hourou Musuko 05

In which Chiba goes on a killing spree.

And we have yet another amazing episode. I really missed this show over the hiatus. The way the characters are developed is just superb – I honestly don’t think there are any shows that have done this so well since Simoun. Case in point: the guy from Chiba’s church (I’m not sure if we even know his name yet). He hardly had maybe a minute of screen time tops, and we already know so much about him- how he’s in love with Chiba, kind of a jerk, and not easily embarrassed. He already feels more like a real person than three quarters of the characters from any other show this season.

We learn even more about the other characters from their reaction to his question if Nittori was a cross-dresser. The way he said it didn’t really seem that offensive to me – he definitely wasn’t intending to offend anyone, and probably didn’t even realize it was a secret. Nittori didn’t even seem to mind too much, except for the fact that he didn’t want his other classmates to know. Takatsuki storms out of the house in a rage – overprotective much? Chiba tells him he’s a jerk, although I imagine this isn’t the only reason she says that, and Chi thinks Nittori’s cross-dressing is the greatest thing ever.

Chiba continues to be a total badass – she has no qualms whatsoever about saying exactly what she thinks, even if it involves killing everyone, including the apothecary, the friar, and even passerby A. The script for that scene was hilarious, especially how she agreed with Mako’s statement that the world doesn’t revolve around her and Nittori but conveniently left out herself.  Chiba is a great balance to Nittori’s wishy-washiness.

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