Humanity Has Declined 07 — Do it Again

That’s a lot of baking sweets.

I still can’t get into this show. What is the purpose? Is it trying to satirize something?The last few episodes have not been effective satire, because there isn’t even a clear target for the satire. But I’m not sure this episode was even supposed to be satire. I’ve heard that this is satirizing the lives of salarymen. That seems like a stretch to me. It didn’t really seem to be making fun of anything. It seemed more like it was trying to tell a story.

Even worse, it wasn’t a particularly interesting story. The girl eats a banana, runs into her grandpa, goes into the forest, and slips on a banana peel. Wash, rinse, repeat five times. It was basically Endless Eight condensed into a single episode.

Now, to be fair, the story isn’t over yet. They could still turn it around in the next episode.

But based on what happened in the last arc, I doubt it. I’m still reeling from the idea of centering a story around two space probes being lonely.

Pretty much the only part of this show I’m still enjoying is the main character’s snark.

4 thoughts on “Humanity Has Declined 07 — Do it Again

  1. I’m afraid I’m rather done with this show now. I think this episode was some kind of Groundhog day thing but frankly at this point I don’t really care. I’ll chalk up my not understanding this show to cultural differences and leave it at that.

  2. Agreed, this was rather boring and has been done before way too often. The snark and the colourful and inventive animation are more than sufficient to keep me following, though.

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