Hyouge Mono Review — A

Tea is life.

I’ve been watching this since it started airing in 2011. Not because I didn’t like it, but first because it took so long to get translated, then because I didn’t want to finish it. Anyway, I’ve finally finished! And I loved it!

This is a wild show about the more important side of life in Sengoku era Japan than all the fighting, although that comes into it too: tea and aesthetics.  Which sounds so fucking boring but this show is way more intense than most war anime. Just look at this guy’s face.

Anyway, this was one wild ride. Absolutely loved it. It’s for shows like this that I watch anime at all.

  • Storytelling – A – Loved it. What an epic tale, based on history. Everything I learned about Japanese history I learned from anime.
  • Voice – A – Oh my god those faces. And the fucking tea pots.
  • Characters – A – No way in hell I’ll forget them.
  • Attention Grab – A – Kept me excited to finish for ten years!
  • Production – A – Look fabulous. Some impressive voice acting too.
  • Overall – A

Recommendations – Closest thing I can think of is Sengoku Basara. But there’s really nothing like it.

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