Infinite Stratos 2 — First Impressions


Summary: Since we last saw them, breasts have grown. Charlotte and Laura lick crepes off each others’ faces, then make out in both maid outfits and catgirl costumes. All the girls in swimsuits try to seduce Ichika.


Maybe I just have a poor memory, but this was way dumber than I remember the first season being. Doesn’t seem like they’re even trying anymore.

On the bright side, I guess they realized that no one in the audience gives a crap about anyone other than French and German girls. So they decided to turn them into lesbians? Hey, anything that gives less screen time to Chinese girl must be a good thing. I guess…

But seriously, I don’t even know where to begin in attempting to describe how awful this episode was.

5 thoughts on “Infinite Stratos 2 — First Impressions

  1. Aw, come on. That loser Ichika still oblivious about the girls’ feelings. What a scumbag. Why don’t they kill him here and now after stripping him of his IS and be done with it?

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