Inu x Boku SS 04 — Meet and Greet with a Tanuki

Honestly, nine tenths of the reason I like this show is because of all the costumes. This episode featured Ririchiyo in a fashionable bathrobe.

And we even got her wearing glasses and holding a book. Cuteness overload! This has to be one of my favorite outfits so far.

I think part of the reason I appreciate the different outfits so much is that most anime don’t do this. The characters tend to wear a single outfit for the entirety of a show.

Even worse are shows involving school life. Not only does no one change clothes, but every single person wears the exact same outfit! So seeing characters that do laundry is a real treat.

Next episode looks like it will have Karuta in a maid outfit.

The New Guys

Ririchiyo and Soushi’s relationship is beginning to get slightly tiring. I still find the copious amount of sparkles and Ririchiyo’s awkwardness amusing, but the “irregular heartbeat” and all the promises are too lovey-dovey for me. Their relationship is progressing too quickly for it to have much subtlety.

But two new characters were introduced which helped draw my attention away from Ririchiyo and Soushi: a rabbit and a tanuki. The two go along well with Ririchiyo and Soushi. I especially found Soushi’s misplaced reactions to them amusing. And Ririchiyo encountering someone who fights back against her was enjoyable.

The tanuki’s relationship with Karuta has some excellent potential. He has fine taste.

Of course, our resident lesbian is in fine form once again. I liked how Ririchiyo actually agreed to let her stick a finger down her sock. For once I feel that these ridiculous over the top nosebleeds are somewhat justified.

It doesn’t seem like anyone is watching this, but I don’t really understand why. It’s pretty similar to Nisemonogatari (i.e., some meandering story about demons and overcoming curses with a mound of fanservice) except Inu x Boku SS has less obnoxious fanservice that doesn’t revolve around pedophilia or incest. In my opinion, less is more. And of course, the biggest draw is that Shinbo isn’t involved.

8 thoughts on “Inu x Boku SS 04 — Meet and Greet with a Tanuki

  1. I might know why it doesn’t seem like anyone is watching this. It’s mostly because this is a show that caters more to the Type B otaku as we get some very interesting character interactions and not much plot as of now.

    Most non-lurkers and commenters I’ve noticed like to think of themselves as elitists and type As, therefore don’t want watch this show.

    Me personally, I’m loving this show as I consider myself more of a type B and not an elitist, and have a high tolerance for ANY plot or premise. Since I’m reading the manga, I know that there will be MAJOR character development, it’s just that the first 5 chapters of the manga are more character introductions and very funny interactions.

    1. Most non-lurkers and commenters I’ve noticed like to think of themselves as elitists and type As, therefore don’t want watch this show.

      If this is the show no one watches, doesn’t that make us the elites? I guess that’s different from elitists though. 🙂

      Good to hear that there’s major character development on the way, I’m looking forward to this.

  2. Shaft has the huge fanbase, which I still dont really get. Madoka was nice, but not a masterpiece compared to Fullmetal Alchemist, Dennou Coil, Noein, etc. Ef the tale of memories (as I’ve probably said before) is regular romance with flashy visuals.

    The Monogatari series is like Highschool DXD with more talking and less oppai/action.

    1. I don’t get their fanbase either. They do have good shows occasionally. Madoka was really good (although yeah, not the best), I did like ef (well, the parts with Chihiro) and Zetsubo-sensei was good. Oh, and Mahoromatic, Niea_7, This Ugly Yet Beautiful World, and REC were good, although nothing like their usual fare. (I didn’t even know they made these until I just looked it up a moment ago)

      But their sequels are all awful. I don’t think they made a single sequel I enjoyed. And the vast majority of their shows are painful as well.

      The Monogatari series is like Highschool DXD with more talking and less oppai/action

      I’m not sure the DxD with less oppai and action is DxD anymore. 🙂 I am still watching DxD though, it’s surprisingly good.

  3. I have to admit that I do enjoy Nisemongatari and that the best part so far has been Shinobu ^^

    As I mentioned last week I dropped Inu x Boku. Ep. 1 had much more Ririchiyo fanservice (which I liked) than ep. 2 and seemingly the rest of it. She also seems to have completely switched from tights to this awful stockings/ straps combination. How deplorable! The outfit w/ the glasses in your post is cute, though! Maybe I should skip through the episodes just to enjoy the outfits.

      1. Postscriptum:

        Nisemonogatari now by far my favourite of the new series this season. It’s not even the fanservice but the sheer eye candy of this show.

        I just watched the Tsukihi arc OP like 20 times back-to-back b/c the graphics look so sleek and the song is so addictive! The last time this happened to me was the ED of Seitokai Yakuindomo. So I know what will be on constant rotation in my iPod for the next days!

        Too bad you don’t like this show!

        1. Yeah, the eye candy is nice. I am still watching the show (a few episodes behind) but it just doesn’t grip me. The eye candy by itself isn’t enough for me. And when most of the eye candy is little girls in varying states of undress, my enthusiasm unfortunately wanes…

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