Inu x Boku SS 07 — The Mad Shellfish Dash

Karuta’s mad shellfish dash was the highlight of this week’s episode. Watanuki’s plans to rescue her never go as planned.

In this episode, the creators decided to give everyone some alone time by making monsters trigger the security system and lock the doors.

The episode had it’s good points, although the romance between Ririchiyo and Soushi just doesn’t particularly interest me. Soushi is too perfect to be a character you can empathize with, and only interests me in his role as a big joke. In short, I hate puberty too.

Dress-up Games

This episode featured Ririchiyo in her magical nightgown, which she summoned to seduce Soushi. This one didn’t particularly impress me.

We also see her with her hair tied up. I do like the idea of experimenting with different hairstyles, but would appreciate it more if they did it with clothes.

Soushi also lends her his oversized jacket briefly at the end of the episode. I like this look the best of this week’s costumes, but she didn’t wear it very long. All in all, it was an underwhelming costume selection.

Too Classy for Tentacle Rape

But not too classy for purple chicken things.

Further Thoughts

A Mawaru Penguindrum reference?

Such strong yuri goggles. I approve.

4 thoughts on “Inu x Boku SS 07 — The Mad Shellfish Dash

  1. I was disappointed with the selection of outfits in this episode too, it was nowhere near as good at the previous ones. I think the door of fate stuff is common to anime in general, not just something from Penguindrum.

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