Inu x Boku SS — First Impression

Apparently this season was saving its best for last. I really enjoyed this episode!

Now, it does have a fairly generic setup. Rich girl gets a magical boyfriend. And the house of Ayakashi reminds me of Otome Youkai Zakuro.

But, I’m happy to overlook this, because Ririchiyo and Soushi have this great chemistry between them. Alone, they would each be obnoxious. Ririchiyo is a jerk, and Soushi is fawning and sparkly. But they play off each other to become quite funny. Ririchiyo will say something insulting or tell Soushi to get lost, and Soushi will comment on how wonderful she is. I was laughing quite a lot during this episode, although I don’t think this is the kind of humor that appeals to everyone. I’m also a bit concerned the humor will lose its appeal as the two characters become more familiar with each other.

The show also seems to have an interesting setting. I’m looking forward to figuring out more about what’s going on with the apartment building.

And this show knows how to do fanservice right! I hate it when shows just have a beach episode or a bath episode where they take everyone’s clothes off. It’s boring and lazy. I greatly prefer Inu x Boku’s approach: leave Ririchiro’s button unbuckled, have Soushi lick her feet, show Ririchiro in her pajamas.

Assuming I like the next episode, I’ll probably blog this.

11 thoughts on “Inu x Boku SS — First Impression

  1. I liked this one a lot, too, even though I had no expectations since it’s a magical boyfriend. The two leads were pretty cute and funny together, even if they’re pretty one-dimensional. I kind of hope Ririchirou will acquire a lesbian harem instead of the typical reverse harem though.

    Glad you’re going to blog this one! 🙂

    1. Haha, a lesbian harem would be awesome! I think it already has one member too.

      I’m still not sure if I’ll blog this, it depends on the next episode.

  2. I enjoy the cute character design, and the chibi version makes them even more cute. The spirit aspect at the end made the series interesting enough to stay a few more episodes.

    1. Yep, it’s pretty cute. The show could go anywhere from here though— it’s hard to say at this point how it will turn out.

    1. She’s young but I wouldn’t call her a loli. I would guess she’s in middle school or the early years of high school. Tsundere is probably a fair description, but she’s definitely not a Shana / Louise clone. It’s all verbal abuse rather than physical, and the dialogue is fairly witty.

  3. Ririchiro! The Alice-Yamada-Yurin-purple haired hime cut character, still she is a great character like you said! And how she acts with Soushi is sooo good! And his lines of I stayed outside waiting for you forever….Sooo good!

    I want to see more of Ririchiro’s demon powers, I was not expecting to see any supernatural stuff until I remembered Soushi is a fox spirit…but this works for me.

    Fan-service around a loli girl? Say it isn’t so! But that is the law of these shows, yeah I am waiting for the beach, pool and bath house scenes xD

    1. Alice-Yamada-Yurin… that’s a pretty good description. Her personality is different than all of them though!

      I’m not sure I would call her a loli, she’s definitely past puberty (I think). And she’s a demon, they probably have anti-aging powers or something.

  4. I feel a bit torn about this show. That magical boyfriend annoyed me from the first minute and I haven’t laughed a single time during the whole ep.

    On the other hand Ririchiyo looks cute, is nicely animated and ticks all the right boxes in the fashion department for me. Except maybe for the tights in the last scene; I didn’t like the similarly patterned ones of Homura Akemi either.

    I guess I will try to tolerate magical boyfriend for a while and hope for nice outfits of Ririchiyo.

    1. It’s too bad you didn’t find it funny. 🙁 I guess it’s not for everyone. To be honest, I think I might get sick of it as well after a couple episodes.

      But yeah, the outfits were great! I hope we get more cool ones.

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