Ixion Saga DT Review — C+


Kon enters an MMO. It’s up to him to save the world (and more importantly, get laid).

This is a parody of fantasy shows and MMOs. Sometimes it can be hilarious. My favorite episode was the one in which Kon became a god. It complements the parody with lots of ball jokes.

Unfortunately, most of the episodes are not up to the high level set by the godhood and detective episodes, and ended up pretty forgettable. They aren’t bad by any means. Just average. I barely remember anything about the show’s first half.


Ixion Saga does have a great sense of the ridiculous, however. The show’s “heroes” consist of an MMO gamer, a giant powerful warrior who loves cute cats, a little girl who is actually the final boss, a trans maid, and a flying squirrel. The “villains” are even more ridiculous. Also, in an unusual move, I think the “villains” may have gotten more screen time than the good guys.

  • Storytelling – C – Some episodes are hilarious, most are not.
  • Voice – B – It’s got balls.
  • Characters – C – They’re missing balls.
  • Attention Grab – C – Many of the episodes were not that exciting.
  • Production – B – Looks okay.
  • Overall – C+

Recommendations – Galaxy Angel, Tower of Druaga, Milky Holmes

2 thoughts on “Ixion Saga DT Review — C+

  1. When an anime parodying MMOs (Especially knowing that Ixion SAGA is a legit Capcom MMO) is lightyears better in quality than the so-ealled best MMO Anime EVA! (SAO) You know that the anime industry has problems.

    1. Haha yeeaaaahhhh. I think this is more a problem with the anime fandom than the anime industry, sadly…

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