Jormungand S2 Review — B-


The adventures of Koko’s loco fighting squad continue.

The second season continued with what made the first fun— ridiculous, stylized violence and psychotic lesbians— but it also adds a bit more depth to it. The ending is pretty darn weird (see Enzo’s thoughts for details on that) but I did like it.

Before the final arc, we see arcs developing a few of the remaining squad members. I especially liked Wiley E. Coyote’s arc. He is such a badass.

  • Storytelling – B – Improves over the first season with a stronger focus.
  • Voice – B – Unique setting.
  • Characters – C – Jonah, the lesbians and the scientists are pretty weak, but Koko, her brother, Lehm and Wiley are great.
  • Attention Grab – A – Kept my attention.
  • Production – B – Solid.
  • Overall – B-

Recommendations – Black Lagoon, Hellsing Ultimate

8 thoughts on “Jormungand S2 Review — B-

    1. Oh yeah, he’s totally strong, he could kick anybody’s ass. I meant weak as a character, as in, he doesn’t have much of a personality, aside from kid who doesn’t talk much and is a badass.

  1. For those reading this old review for the first time, note that Draggle made a miscalculation in regards to grading this anime. It should say “Jormungand S2 Review — F-” in the title, and the individual grade should be like this:

    Storytelling: F – Worse than the (godawful) first season, since it focuses more on individual character arcs that contribute fuck all to the story and are tediously predictable.
    Voice: F – Utter waste of a unique setting/concept.
    Characters: F – Never develop or entertaining. Main characters have plot armor the size of Mount Olympus, making them suck away all tension, and the villains are utterly forgettable.
    Attention Grab: F – Could only pay attention during the penultimate episode because it was when the story finally got a little interesting. Then the finale shits on that brief interest.
    Production: F+ – Only part that isn’t extremely woeful, but still utter crap. Character designs are too angular (anime-wise. Manga is fine), music is mediocre by Iwasaki’s standards, style is dry, and the fight choreography is so bad that people can shoot each other from two feet away and not hit each other. It looked like this:
    Overall: F-

    Recommendations: None, because if you like Jormungand, that means you hate Black Lagoon and Hellsing. You monsters!

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