K Return of Kings Review — C+


An immortal Nazi fights with other cool bishies.

I thought this was a slight improvement over the first season, mainly because they were delivering on the setup the first season had already provided. It had a bunch of pretty cool moments, and the fights were good. The war with the Green clan was much more interesting than any of the previous conflicts K had covered, since there was actual enmity involved rather then a simple release of heightening sexual tensions as in all the previous conflicts.

It was still very blue with its unusual color scheme, but it didn’t bother me much this time around. I’m not sure if it was more subdued or if I just got used to it.


The worst part of this season was anything involving a female character. Every time a female character appears the camera is placed looking directly up her skirt. As you all know I have nothing against fanservice, but this was totally out of place, dispensed with any illusion of respect towards the characters (mainly Neko and the Blue lieutenant, thank God they at least left the little girl out of it), and was a failure as fanservice anyway since who wants to see that? This is a show about a bunch of gay guys. Why are you showing us women’s underwear? Even assuming viewers are interested in naked women, it was more gross than titillating.

Glasses guy and skateboard guy were the best ship.

Rating: C+
Recommendations: Durarara, No. 6

6 thoughts on “K Return of Kings Review — C+

  1. Glasses guy and skateboard dude otp

    apart from that I found it kind of problematic how they set up the main villain Nagare as this guy who’s meant to be “dead all along” and we should just kill him off because it’s meant to be, simply because he’s been sustaining his life using green magic. Is it supposed to mean that people living on life support are supposed to be dead?

    1. Yeah the way they didn’t care when the wheelchair guy died was a bit creepy. To be fair though he was trying to kill them a few minutes earlier so… meh. He who lives by the sword dies by the sword.

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