Kaiseki Anime Ep. 38 — Demon Lord, Retry! and Danmachi

Spanking and boob strings.

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:56 Demon Lord, Retry!
  • 08:36 Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon Season 2
  • 23:52 Outro

Music Credits:

  • “Clover 3” by Vibe Mountain
  • Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon Season 2 OP: “HELLO to DREAM” by Yuka Iguchi
  • “Seasons” by roljui

12 thoughts on “Kaiseki Anime Ep. 38 — Demon Lord, Retry! and Danmachi

  1. i have a brand new anime or manga featuring a seventeen boy named Leonardo Lee he lives in Tokyo Japan one day he goes on a vacation to a island he tries swimming in the ocean but almost drowns but meets a mermaid named Summer she looks almost like the main female character from a little mermaid she has very long red hair blue eyes and pale light white skin she also has pointy ears and a green scaly fish like tail her seashell bra is indigo in color and later her tail can transform into legs and a green thong bikini bottom.

  2. in a different anime or manga we meet a 37 year old workaholic businessman named Daniel Abe he lives in Tokyo Japan he gets abducted by aliens who experiment on him the aliens give him superhuman hearing, smell, touch, vision and other senses along with superhuman intelligence, strength, reflexes, speed and toughness he also has accelerated healing can heal others of any physical injury or illness with his touch, self duplication, precognition, telepathy, invisibility, intangibility, the ability to change size at will, the ability to stretch himself like rubber, slow aging and the ability not to feel pain. he also gets other superhuman abilities the aliens give him all the powers of superheroes they heard about in movies, television, books, and other works of fiction. he later gives himself the name of alpha man and he must stop evil aliens from conquering the earth he later marries a woman named Rosette and many years later they give birth to a baby girl named Evangelina.

  3. in a different anime or manga we feature a normal thirteen or fourteen year old boy named Seth Kim he lives in Tokyo Japan he discovers a magical portal in his backyard swimming pool it takes him to another dimension called Elysium.

  4. we see in the world of Elysium half human half snake people half human half spider people half human half cat people harpies ogres half human half fly people half human half crab people half human half hell hound people sirens half human half crab people mimics slime monsters chimeras half human half cow people sphinxes robots living dolls cupids fairies mermen mermaids werewolves half human half raven people half human half tapir people giants living snowmen demons incubuses succubi cyborgs genies clones half human half raccoon dog people half human half nine tailed fox people half human half rabbit people grim reapers angels mandrakes gods goddesses gnomes nymphs superheroes elves spirits centaurs dragons goblins orcs unicorns ghosts mummies vampires zombies aliens dwarfs and Valkyries live together in peace and harmony.

  5. we later also meet kappas, half human half weasel people, yetis, ghouls, griffins, half human half scorpion people, behemoths, leviathans, imps, eldritch abominations, shape shifting doppelgangers, headless horsemen and horsewomen, brownies, poltergeists, banshees, half human half owl people, pixies, changelings, bogeymen, gremlins, familiar spirits, leprechauns, fallen angels, guardian angels, archangels, recording angels, shoulder angels, cockatrices, gargoyles, hydras, Pygmies, half human half pumpkin people, half human half mushroom people, half human half moss people and trolls also share the world of Elysium.

  6. other creatures that live in the world of Elysium include cyclopes, gorgons, satyrs, fauns, dryads, basilisks, phoenixes, sea serpents, titans, half human half ant people, half human half bee people, half human half salamander people, half human half newt people, half human half watermelon people, living scarecrows, hags, witches, sprites, half human half swan people, half human half jaguar people, half human half moth people, jersey devils, half human half alligator people, half human half deer people, half human half crane bird people, half human half barn swallow people, half human half dove people, half human half parakeet people, half human half chicken people, half human half squid people, half human half octopus people, half human half worm people, half human half bat people, half human half polar bear people, half human half grizzly bear people, half human half panda people, half human half elephant people, half human half lion people, half human half tiger people, half human half lynx people, half human half panther people, half human half kangaroo people, half human half pig people, half human half rat people, half human half mouse people, half human half turtle people, astral spirits, elemental spirits, half human half sandmen, sylphs, tooth fairies, living shadows and will o wisps along with vanishing hitchhikers.

  7. even more creatures living in Elysium include crones, living skeletons, ninjas, knights, pirates, space pirates, samurais, clowns, catholic like nuns, oriental far eastern shrine maidens/ priestesses, exorcists, monks, people with precognition, people with telepathy, alchemists, wights, feral children, people with photographic memories, maids, butlers, magical girls, castaways, slaves, gladiators, professional thieves, cannibals, air pirates, drug dealers, gang members, triad and tong members, mafia members, crime bosses, mad scientists, warlords, bisexuals, gays, lesbians, intersex people, cross dressing transgender people, smokers, cowboys, cowgirls, farmers, fishers, lumberjacks, space marines, nerdy hackers, professional wrestlers, strippers, belly dancers, ballet dancers, judo masters, jujitsu masters, karate masters, sumo wrestlers, Korean martial arts masters, Chinese martial arts masters, boxers, Thai boxing masters, fencers, archers, French boxing masters, knife fighting masters, stick or staff fighting masters, swordsmen, jazz singers, rock and roll singers, rap artists, opera singers, stage magicians, cheerleaders, hosts, hostesses, geisha like entertainers, courtesans, fortune tellers, hypnotists, hotel/ inn managers, firefighters, police officers, paramedics, cloned pharaohs, cloned sultans, princes, princesses, kings, queens, emperors, empresses, tribal chiefs, dictators, bartenders, bounty hunters, lifeguards, surfers and competitive swimmers all share this unique world.

  8. other citizens of the world of Elysium include prostitutes, dominatrices, pimps, pornographic film actors and actresses, waiters, waitresses, time travelers, paranormal investigators, spiritual mediums, astronauts, dragon slaying warriors that ride dragons, vampire hunters, nurses, combat medics, superhuman soldiers, snipers, cloned Nazi soldiers, assassins, mercenaries, rogues, bishops, popes, barons, baronesses, counts, countesses, earls, dukes, duchesses, viceroys, lairds, bards, lords, ladies, presidents, prime ministers, chancellors, generals, admirals, marquesses, marchionesses, viscounts, viscountesses, viziers, caliphs, philosophers, scribes, sergeants, captains, colonels, lieutenants, corporals, majors, marshals, privates, detectives, druids, priests, chaplains, necromancers, shamans, preachers, prophets, theologians, and all kinds of scientists including inventors live in this world.

  9. other strange denizens of Elysium include exhibitionists, nudists, masochists, sadists, gypsies, vikings, undertakers, amazons, Cajuns, hillbillies, henchmen, evil sorcerers, evil sorceresses, evil overlords, native american like tribal members, gauchos, living dinosaurs, cavemen, albinos, hunchbacks, mutants, orcs, eternally young immortal people, sons and daughters of father time, sons and daughters of mother nature, son and daughters of uncle Sam, sons and daughters of jack frost, sons and daughters of Santa Claus, wizards, people with telekinesis, flight attendants, librarians, secretaries, bodyguards and psychos plus people with psychic abilities all live in this world.

  10. also living in the world of Elysium are orphans, bullies, homeless people, idol singers, delinquents, office ladies, shut ins, nerds, dropouts, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, judges, lawyers, skinheads, punks, girls who dress in Gothic Lolita outfits, hustlers, fixers, privateers, cult members that worship a spirit of war, death, chaos, death, destruction and evil, cult members that worship a water spirit, cult members that worship a spirit of goodness, order and love, paladins, squires, pages, aces, arch mages, demolition experts, detectives, spies, master blacksmiths, professors, bad ass cool teachers, excellent chefs and bakers, master warriors, hermits, gurus, nannies, geeks, cynics, hedonists, fatalists, idealists, energy beings, and living clothes we also meet hobbits plus magical mirrors along with snake charmers.

  11. we also have voodoo practitioners, warriors with magical flaming swords, crystal skulls, magic carpets, crystal balls, flying broomsticks, magical cauldrons, magical compasses, magical maps, magical staffs or wands, paper talismans and people wearing powered suits of robotic exoskeleton like armor all exist in the world of Elysium.

  12. we also meet a girl named Henrietta she has pale light white skin brown eyes very long black hair she is statuesque and athletic she would wear a red strapless leotard along with a yellow belt she has on black high heels she is from Scandinavian american descent we also meet Helena she is from Slavic possibly Russian american descent she would wear a blue one piece swimsuit and a white bathing cap she is a very good swimmer we also meet Charlotte she is french american she would wear a american flag themed bikini and a purple jacket we also meet Clara she is a descendant of a Greek spartan warrior she would wear a copper bikini like armor with a platinum sword. we then meet Mai she is Chinese she was raised by Buddhist monks she is trained in martial arts she wears a blue mandarin gown with a orange thong underneath plus a green jade necklace with a moon like design to it. we then meet Evangelina Lee she is Japanese she has pale light white skin very long black hair brown eyes she is statuesque and athletic she is a masochist and a exhibitionist she has a sadistic boyfriend and master named Adam Kim.

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