Kill la Kill 08 — Naturals Election


Well, that’s one way to hold an election. I guess. And an excellent translation of the election’s name. Naturals election. Oh man.


This episode mostly focused on Ryuuko’s past and on Gamagoori (the big guy). The elite four is a rather diverse bunch. Gamagoori actually seems like a pretty nice guy. Although he is apparently a big masochist. That’s probably perfect though, since I have been shipping him with Mako for a while now. Mako seems to have a bit of a sadistic streak.


For the most part, Kill la Kill seems to have dispatched with the small fry for now. The Elite Four and Ryuuko win the election handily without any substantial opposition. Next it appears that she’ll fight all of the Elite Four in a row. Seems just a bit unfair. I suspect that after that, it will turn out that Satsuki was not the one who killed Ryuuko’s parents and they will have some sort of reconciliation.


In this episode, Satsuki claims that her power is different from those of the others who use their parents’ powers because of her dedication. They borrow their parents’ power, she exploits everyone’s power and turns it to her own ends. Personally though, I think it’s the power itself which is exploiting Satsuki.

3 thoughts on “Kill la Kill 08 — Naturals Election

  1. I get the feeling that Satsuki is the one who is controlled by the power she wields and her standing, along with her family name and parents. She certainly doesn’t seem to be quite as independent, or as carefree as Ryuuko, despite Ryuuko’s quest to find out who killed her father. Satsuki has been a strong, and powerful individual for so long that its almost a cast that she is expected to succeed at what she does and be a true leader.

    It also goes back to the whole clothes thing – Ryuuko freely wears Senketsu, and even befriends her uniform, whereas Satsuki only wears it occasionally and keeps it nailed to the wall most of the time. She is controlled by her clothes, whereas Ryuuko is not.

    1. Satsuki seems to dominate everything around her through force of will. I don’t think she’s controlled by her Kamui, but Ryuuko has the better relationship with hers.

    2. I’m not sure I’d say that Satsuki is controlled by her clothes: she seems to dominate them quite mercilessly. But I do agree that it seems she is controlled by her own power.

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