Kill la Kill 22 — Bat Crap Craziness


Yeah… so after all the stuff about clothing is sin, yada yada, it turns out the battle is all about being different, and wanting to live in a world where everyone isn’t cut from the same cloth. I have to say I’m a bit disappointed. Lame.


Still, since the final battle is at hand, this episode makes up for the lack of thematic originality by upping the level of sheer awesomeness to the maximum. So much awesome in this level I don’t even know where to start. Maybe with everyone grabbing the suction tubes. Or Ryuuko easily kicking Nui’s ass and taking her arms off.


Yeah that was the best scene haha. Nui’s voice actor is the greatest. And it only gets better when she starts maniacally sewing using only her mouth.


Although the scene where she started spouting a torrent of blood into this guy’s face was hilarious as well.

Further Thoughts


Satsuki actually apologizes… sort of. Seemed like a rather half-assed apology to me. “I’m sorry for not telling you the truth.” I don’t think that’s the main issue here. Maybe “I’m sorry for beating the crap out of you all the time, for using you, and for forcing Mako and thousands of her classmates to live in poverty for years while I placed them in an abusive environment at school” would be a good start. Only a start though.


At least Satsuki isn’t acting all dere and calling Ryuuko “imouto”. Although, now that I think about it… Hmmm….


She’s even enjoying mystery meat with Mako. I never thought this day would come.


And she’s become a proper Nudist. although really, I think she always had a bit of a nudist streak inside her.


I liked how they played the two transformation sequences side by side, and didn’t even bother to change the aspect ratio, using huge black bars. Nice.


Can’t wait for next week with Mako back in her life fiber uniform!

2 thoughts on “Kill la Kill 22 — Bat Crap Craziness

  1. I don’t think this show’s ever going to address the fact that Satsuki’s ultimate weapon to fight her mother was basically a totalitarian fascist state that served no purpose other than to produce a handful of people capable of fighting the life fibers. I mean, the teacher guy was even reciting bits of history regarding the rise of the Nazis in the first few episodes.

    Oh well, at least she looks cool in that trench coat.

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