Kill Me Baby — First Impression

I was repeating the title to myself over and over in my head until it ended.

Kill Me Baby is about a normal girl surrounded by assassins and ninjas. It’s pretty much the extended twenty minute version of Recorder to Randsell, except with assassin jokes instead of elementary schooler jokes. It is an improvement over Recorder though: I did chuckle occasionally at the jokes. Where by “occasionally” I mean once. (It was when she shot the sandwich with the water gun, if you’re wondering.)

The philosophy behind these two shows seems to be “spam the audience with bad jokes and hope that some stick.” Unfortunately, their approach fails miserably because none of the jokes are funny. I’d rather see one great joke per episode, like Level E tended to do, than fifty terrible ones, which seems to be Kill Me Baby’s approach to comedy.

Also, the animation is terrible and the OP is one of the most obnoxious I’ve ever heard. Dropped.

18 thoughts on “Kill Me Baby — First Impression

  1. Lol’d at the “was repeating the title to myself over and over in my head until it ended” part . Must be tough having to watch these obviously bad shows for the sake of the blog ..

  2. But it’s better than Nichijou. At least they don’t drag the comedy too long and their jokes come more natural.

    Still, bad jokes are bad jokes. I kinda like the show somehow.

    1. I disagree completely, I thought Nichijou was hilarious. I was dying of laughter for much of Nichijou, here I was falling asleep.

  3. It’s more like Lucky Star with worse production values and the main character is changed from an otaku to an assassin.

    Mediocre gag and slapstick is still more fun than mediocre otaku jokes (Lucky Star, Boku Tomodachi).

  4. Slow series, but Kimi to boku was much the same slow to start and the jokes were just meh…compared to Nichijou! This is no were near as funny. Hopefully things pick up with the next two episodes at least I hope…

    I sort of love the character designs only because it is the style of artwork/designs I try to draw xDD

    1. Did Kimi to Boku actually get better? I dropped that after the first episode too.

      That’s cool that you draw. I don’t particularly mind the character designs, but the animation itself is fairly underwhelming.

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