Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate — First Impression

Our main character has a harem in the sweets eating club. The club is going to be disbanded if anyone responsible is elected president of the student council. This atrocity must be prevented! The club joins together to elect one of its members president.

On the positive side, I am a bit intrigued by the setting. School politics are serious business, apparently involving murder and embezzlement. I’m especially curious why scholarship students are being sent to work in factories and why the main character is seeing things on peoples’ heads which no one else can see.

However, apart from the setting it feels like a pretty generic harem. Girls falling on top of our main character, breast jokes that pass for humor, and hordes of girls in love with our hero for no apparent reason. It reminds me a lot of Majikoi. The protagonists of the two shows look, sound and act nearly identically. Then we have the super important school drama and the fact that we begin with a well-established harem.

I’ll keep watching, but my expectations are low.

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