Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? 09

Why is it petting you, you ask? Why not?

Overall a stronger episode than the last few. The rolling ferris wheels and giant stuffed animals falling from the sky have my whole-hearted approval. The drama with both Eu and Sera’s decisions were well done too. But Yuuki’s transformation and Ayumu’s power of love was way too corny.

First of all, where exactly did that golem thing come from again…? There’s a difference between funny nonsensical randomness, like the yellow animal thing, and randomness because the creators just pulled something out of their rear ends. Second, the power of love winning like that is just way too corny and overused, so much so that it isn’t even funny in spite of how ridiculous it is, just depressing. Besides, any actual drama with Yuuki working is hopeless since I (and I’ll assume everyone else) never liked her in the first place. The only way I can see to have made scene work is to do what this series does best – over the top ridiculousness. Yuuki’s golem should have been a ramen bowl or something, and Ayumu could charge through a bullet cloud of noodles, having his dress ripped apart in the process, to defeat the golem by drinking all the broth, which would transform into Yuuki and a bonus kiss scene. Why do so many comedy series feel the need to insert some terrible corny drama?

I’ve noticed that Sera’s insults seem to be improving from the rather generic piece of s**t which accounted for every other word out of her mouth in the earlier episodes. The “wait, you always looked like that” in particular was perfectly timed.

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