Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?! Of the Dead 05 — Dance of the Dead

Oh, Ayumu…

Every other show has cute half-naked cute girls. That’s nothing special. What makes this show great is when Ayumu strips and shows off his legs.

I’m now officially convinced that Anderson is amazing. Just look at what he can inspire! Those sparkles are well deserved.

And Haruna gives a well deserved (and expected) beat down.

Ok, several. Of the increasingly nonsensical variety. Ayumu should thank his lucky stars that Seraphim wasn’t home.

The scene where Ayumu attempted to take off Eu’s armor was also hilarious:

Does anyone know what in the world this thing is, by the way? Is it just a fan? I know it’s been there forever, but I have forgotten why at this point.

If you’ve abandoned all worldly desires, I’m not sure why the blindfold and gloves are necessary, Ayumu.

Anderson and Haruna make an excellent pair. Together they’re unstoppable.

And this is the best way to vacuum. I’m starting to wish I was short like Haruna…

9 thoughts on “Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?! Of the Dead 05 — Dance of the Dead

  1. Ahahah best Ayumu dance of all time! I am making a gif file of the whole thing <3 Hopefully it works…and lulz Anderson-kun wins for biggest trolling of all Kore wa zombie history, but I am so damn curious as to what he is!? I keep thinking he might be the reincarnated King of Night.

    Great episode even though the plot was slow again, but I think the Ninja Vampires are aware of something happening real soon…I am waiting for the evil magical girl Kyoko to finally beak out of jail and plan her revenge against Ayumu and the others.

    1. I saw your gif, nice! Anderson is awesome, I hope he’s not the king of night though, since the king of night is supposed to be living happily ever after as a penguin.

      I’m looking forward to Kyoko’s return as well. She adds a special brand of insanity which the other characters lack.

  2. I think it’s just a fan: http://amzn.to/KunHrw . I thought about bying one when I first saw it in KoreZombie I but it seems it is too noisy for my taste. I’d like to have a vacuuming robot, though. It’s funny that KoreZombie features so many fancy household appliances. It adds to the bizarreness of this show.

    Admittedly Eu was quite cute in this ep. And I’m glad that you like Anderson-kun as well.

    1. Ah, that’s a pretty neat fan without any blades in the middle. Ayumu is living it up with that and the Roomba.

      Eu was adorable.

  3. Ayumu is pure win from the start till the end. One of the best protagonists of the recent years.
    Also Eu in sick mode is damn cute…awwwww I love this series. 😀

    1. He is good. Despite being a harem lead, he’s actually the most interesting character in the show. And Eu is indeed cute when she’s sick.

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