Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?! Of the Dead 08 — Her Name is Kyouko She is Loco

Most of the episode consisted of Kyouko switching back and forth from dere-dere to a crazy stalker with glowing red eyes, apparently at random. Not that I’m complaining. Attempting to be logical and reasonable would make this show fall apart.

This was certainly one of the more entertaining episodes this season, and Kyouko has spiced things up.

The ending was the most ridiculous part of all:

The moment after you stab someone usually isn’t the best moment to confess your love.

In any other show, a magical girl  ascending to heaven and asking to never be forgotten would be a tearjerk moment. Here it’s hilarious because Ayumu has a sword sticking out his back.

Since she’s sending faxes(?) to Ayumu at the end of the episode, though, I guess she isn’t actually gone. At least I hope not.

This Ship has Sailed

This afternoon, I realized that I’m actually looking forward to the second season of Dog Days (coming out in a month) despite how disappointing the first season turned out. Shows like Dog Days and Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka are kind of a guilty pleasure for me, mainly because I can entertain myself by shipping couples together.

Anyway, she has my full support. Sarasvati can be Ayumu’s mistress.

And Eu can be his little sister. When Eu actually moves or says something, her reactions are hilarious. I guess it’s because she says so little.

A Gelatinous Mass of Indeterminate Size

What is up with this. It’s disgusting. It’s not just Kyouko either. Sera’s are also fluctuating to sizes larger than her head.

2 thoughts on “Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?! Of the Dead 08 — Her Name is Kyouko She is Loco

  1. Kyoko!! At last she makes her dramatic appearance and damn was it ever amazing! I know from season one she was easily one of the best highlights of that season next to the king of night.

    And Ayumu’s harem gains another soul with Kyoko’s “confession” at the end of the episode I have to say that moment in the graveyard was kind of adorable, but there was plenty of yandere expression and that whole sword through the chest thing. Still it was hnnggg worthy in my books! And he will remember her forever indeed <3

    KYOKO! I LOVE YOU T______T

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