Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?!! Of the Dead Review — D+

If you watched the first season, the sequel is more of the same. Only without even the pretense of having a purpose. It seemed like three quarters of this show was playing dress up and generally pandering to the audience. Now, to be clear, I have nothing against playing dress up and pandering to the audience. But when that’s all your show is about, there’s a problem. The last season had a lot of pandering as well, of course. But the focus was squarely on the humor, and the first season also nominally had some sort of plot. Here, rather than coming up with new jokes, they just increased everyone’s breast size and reduced the amount of clothing. It’s not the same. There were two new characters, both of whom contributed essentially nothing to the story. The show did still have its funny moments though. So it wasn’t a total loss. Still, I wouldn’t recommend going out of your way to watch this unless you absolutely loved the first season. Even then, you may want to think twice about diluting your good memories.

  • Storytelling – F – What story? There was less of a focus on the jokes as well.
  • Voice – C – Can be wacky and absurd when it wants to (which was infrequently).
  • Characters – C – The old characters continued to be excellent, although there were some inconsistencies (particularly Seras). The new characters were frankly crap.
  • Attention Grab – D – I can’t say it kept my attention like the first season did. Too much pointless breast wiggling and such.
  • Production – C – Seemed about average.
  • Overall – D+

Recommendations – Ichiban Ushiro no Daimao, Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari

16 thoughts on “Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?!! Of the Dead Review — D+

  1. I’m happy that I can agree w/ you this time!

    “It seemed like three quarters of this show was playing dress up and generally pandering to the audience.” I don’t mind that either but the fanservice was immature and boring, I don’t like oversized boobs and reducing everyone’s clothing is not my type of dress up play.

    “The show did still have its funny moments though. So it wasn’t a total loss.” As far as I followed it (until ep. 6) I can only think of one moment I really liked, Mihara in ep. 4. As far as I can tell from your reviews Mihara didn’t play a large part in the later eps, right? So I guess I didn’t miss too much.

    This season I really put more on my plate than I can stomach. I’m thinking about dropping more shows: AKB0048, Saki II, Jormungand, maybe even Panda-kun.Hyouka is a bit boring but looks too awesome. Nyaruko-san is on the same level as KoreZombie but I just love Cthuko. So most likely I’ll stick w/ these two, as well. The rest of the shows I’m following is sweet.

    1. More of the funny moments were in the later episodes. In particular the very last episode and the third to last(?), in which the nurse started launching the class off in rocket chairs. The first half was worse though.

      I’m watching way too many too, instead of dropping any I’m just falling behind though. I love Nyaruko-san, somehow that ended up being one of my favorite shows this season.

  2. Ohhhh Draggle you are so right on a lot of key points…story wise OF THE DEAD is lacking the important plot! I have no idea what happened to this series I can only guess DEEN is holding out for a third season or maybe a huge movie deal? I sort of look at Kore wa zombie as Sora No Otoishimono which has two full seasons plus a movie and they have a third season in the works. Both shows share in similar themes in a few ways and it also lacks a decent plot for the most part, but ah well I was entertained by this season <3

    For me once I figured the plot was nowhere to be found I just tuned in week by week to watch the comedy and the characters! Sure the original characters personalities remained 90% the same the introduction to Chris-chan made things so much fun...until they showed off that random manga artist girl I just had to laugh as Ayumu's supernatural harem started growing!

    So what is next? I have hopes for a third season or a movie! Yeah I know when you hear about any anime gaining a third season you probably start to think about J C Staff because that studio is practically famous for dragging things along *cough* Shana, Index, Louise *cough* anyway I would probably give this series a C- only because I enjoyed the character interactions vs the lack of zero story.... >.<

    1. Sora no Otoshimono’s second season was much better though, in my opinion. It at least managed to stay fresh with new jokes. Plus, its fanservice is much more “creative” than Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka’s.

      1. Ah yeah in terms of plot / fanservice Otoshimono is far more creative I was just using the series as a whole for a comparison for “harem” themed shows that often get several seasons or movie deals.

    2. Chris wasn’t terrible, they used her well towards the end at least. That mangaka though… utterly pointless.

      I wouldn’t mind more either, and they seemed to have left this on a cliffhanger of sorts, even if I have no idea why they even need to fight Chris. I won’t be surprised if this gets a movie either.

  3. Okay I think its a good time to ask some questions if you dont mind.
    1. Is there any anime that you are looking forward to(if so then why)?
    2. Do you read webtoons or manga such as tower of god or liar games(if not than you should really try them because they are good)?

    Sorry for asking you personal questions again.

    1. 1. The new Code Geass OVA! (not the Nunally one, the one in Europe) I’ve paid basically no attention to what’s coming out next season, so I can’t list anything else there.
      2. I read Liar Game, it’s pretty good. Usually I go in spurts though. My favorite ongoing manga at the moment are Oyasumi Punpun, Nozoki Ana, and Bonnouji.

      No problem, anytime.

    1. I mostly liked the first season, but after that it did go downhill… actually the OVA was great too, it’s really only the second season.

  4. “Only without even the pretense of having a purpose.”

    I think in the end that is what made it work for me. Personally, I’d rather they use this approach than to try on a plot and fail horribly at it. The drastically reduced expectations due to the first season actually made me enjoy this a fair bit, too.

    1. By purpose, I don’t solely mean plot. If they had no plot but focused on being funny I would love that. But here I don’t know what they’re trying to do. There’s no plot and most of the show wasn’t that funny.

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