Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon — First Impression

Screenshot pretty much sums it up.

I guess this was supposed to be a fun intro episode to get the viewer hooked. But it failed miserably. Why? Because the viewer has no bloody clue what’s going on. The entire thing was just technobabble. And breasts. HUMONGOUS breasts.

I don’t understand the appeal of these massive lumps of fat. Up to a point, sure, but this is just disgusting. Is it physically possible for these girls to see their feet? How can they even walk? I guess they grow giant drill hair as a counterbalance.

And am I supposed to take this confession seriously? This guy comes out of nowhere, gropes his teacher, and announces his upcoming confession to everyone. They all take it seriously like it’s some sort of tragedy. Except we have no idea who this girl even is.

Lastly, those animations of the teacher running sure were obnoxious. They should give warnings for people with epilepsy.

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8 thoughts on “Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon — First Impression

  1. I read your post, and then I accidentally download this episode because a certain “someone” cough, cough decided to use the English name of an anime.

    The gargantuam boobs really annoyed me, I mean, I like boobs, but those aren’t boobs, they are just, uhh, large bowling balls conveniently held in place via duct tape.

    I to, found this episode confusing, something about war and rewriting history or some shnaz.

    It’s a pity though, because I get the impression that under all of the otaku pandering, the “required” generic female leads, and obligatory pervertisim, lye a few genuinely interesting characters.

    I mean, when was the last time you saw a guy attack with curry or a blob of red goo.

    I actually liked the main character, Toori-kun or whatever his name was.

    I don’t mean to encourage groping or anything, but I liked that super off-side character of his. In a world ridden with generic male leads, it’s a nice change to see someone as strange as this guy.

    I didn’t get all the details of the confession either, nor did I care for everyone’s reactions (except for the oneesama, she was funny to) but I liked how Toori-kun talked about it.

    I doubt this show is going anywhere, it’s a pity really, if only they removed the big boobs, streamlined the narrative, and did a better job of choreographing the chase scene( I also felt some of the action scenes were alright, but not all), this could have been better.

    1. I agree, the main character actually does seem kind of interesting. It’s definitely an improvement over the usual endless indecisiveness. If the breasts weren’t lethal weapons, and if we had some vague idea of what was going on, it could have been decent. Hopefully the second problem will fix itself as the show continues.

  2. The breasts were either incredibly conspicuous or incredibly conspicuously absent, like the future has no middle ground between A and H cup.

    It wouldn’t have been so bad for me if they didn’t add in that bit of exposition over the end credits. I mean damn, would it have ruined the episode to take two minutes explain things at some point not over the end credits?

    1. Good point. You have to either have an enormous breast fetish or be a loli/shotacon. There is no middle ground.

      The explanation just left me even more confused than before, I’m not sure that the timing was the biggest problem. 🙂

  3. Dropped because I saw Manyuu Hikenchou, and that was more than enough boobs for the next full year (at least)

    Believe it or not, MH was a good comedy if one can look past the “oppai”. The interaction between the two main characters was funny.

    12 episodes (5 hours) of it was pretty exhausting, though. It’s enough fan-service for a lifetime…

    1. I’m impressed that you managed to watch it. I cannot look past the “oppai”, and didn’t even get to the OP before I gave up. Not sure if I even saw the main characters introduced.

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