Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing 14 — Responsibility

I wouldn’t go so far as to say this was a bad episode, but it was definitely a step back.

Anime invaders, can’t you think of better excuses for waging war?

wut u mad?

Yes! Yes I’m mad! The last episode left off with the Exile heading towards Glacies. Now this episode started with Glacies already destroyed. Where were the humongous explosions, the epic collision between two Exiles?! I am disappointed.


I’m looking forward to the next episode though. The political intrigue is starting to get good.


I think that Millia’s decision to strike down her sister was commendable. Her sister has killed countless people. Millia should stop her. Not stopping Lilliana would be worse than killing her. Of course, if possible, Millia should try to avoid killing her sister. But she should be prepared to do so if she must.

Of course, according to Fam, killing Lilliana is wrong. Because Millia doesn’t want to kill her sister. Fam, doing the right thing is never easy. It’s times like this that Fam’s attitude really gets on my nerves. Millia had thought this through and come to a hard decision. And what does Fam do, as a friend? Distract her with racing and get her to take the easy way out. Way to go Fam.

As an aside, I’ve liked most of the music in this show so far, but that techno / new age music during the race seemed completely out of place.

7 thoughts on “Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing 14 — Responsibility

  1. Definitely a more uneven episode than the last one, but it did have an epic undercurrent with Vasant’s and Millia’s machinations. Although it was ultimately sabotaged by Fam, yet again.

    1. Fam hasn’t bothered me too much up to this point, and I still wouldn’t say she’s the worst character ever or anything, but she is beginning to get on my nerves. Hopefully she will take less of the spotlight in the next episodes as the political intrigue develops.

      I think the biggest problem with her is that the best characters change over the course of the story from their experiences. Fam has gone through so much, and yet she’s the exact same person we were introduced to in episode one.

  2. As disappointing as the Fam-Millia interaction is this episode, we do have some excellent developments here:

    1. It’s nice to see Vasant’s role as the Ades diplomat come into play here: It’s expected that she would speak Glacien because of it.

    2. The way Ades split allows some generals to be on Luscinia’s side and much of the forces to be on Vasant’s side, which retains both the villain’s threat as well as giving significant strength to the heroes. Too often would a character like Vasant be simply persecuted and leave her command, which adds very little beyond intelligence to the protagonists.

    1. That’s a great point. Usually Vasant would be kicked out of office (and the innocent, child empress held hostage) and she would need to unite with our heroes to defeat their common foe. I’m glad this show didn’t take that path.

  3. Huh, I should’ve replied to SEER with the previous comment. In the excitement of typing it, I forgot to mention:
    Orang looks very scary in that first shot because of the snowflake: It makes him look like a zombie with a huge white eye that’s rolled slightly upward.

  4. Maybe I’m overinterpreting but I think both Millia and Fam did change somewhat:

    Sura, Fam as usual reacts to a difficult situation by running away and starting a race. But she wasn’t fully concentrated b/c she discovered that she cared too much for Millia.

    Millia, on the other hand, has become used to take tough decisions and act swiftly. But now (when she watches the race w/ Gisey’s mother (?)) she has reached a point where she is just too stressed out. Good to see that she can let go, as well.

    It’s awesome how much both of them can handle for being basically children!I just hope for more episodes like ep. 4!

    1. That’s true, Fam does worry about Millia now. I don’t see that as too big of a change though, I think she probably cared about Giselle and her family before, she’s just expanded that to Millia now. What she really could use is a bit of introspection.

      Millia definitely has changed though by being with Fam and from taking on the responsibilities of leadership. They both have done pretty well considering how young they are.

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