Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing 20 + 21 — Happily Ever After

So, apparently I completely missed an episode. Sorry about that. I’ll discuss the final two episodes at once instead.

Overall, it was a good finale. The battle was particularly excellent, especially before they got inside the Exile. The arrival of the reinforcements was especially well executed.

Fam’s extended monologue was painful, but that’s expected. Really, I only have one big complaint.


Luscinia’s plan doesn’t make any sense. Maybe someone can explain it to me.

So my understanding is that his plan is the exact same as Schneizel’s from Code Geass: if anyone fights a war, blow them to kingdom come. As basically every other character in the show points out, this plan is not a peace at all so much as an occupation by a tyrant.

Well, his original plan is dumb, but I can at least see the logic behind it. But then, in the final episode, it turns out he knew the ship would quickly fall apart and his plan would fail. He just hands over the empress after listening to Fam’s long, dumb monologue.

If you knew your plan would fail, THEN WHY DID YOU DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE?!!! I don’t get it at all. If he’s as utilitarian as he claims in wanting to create world “peace”, then surely he would calculate that wiping an entire nation off the face of the earth was not an acceptable cost for a plan that would surely fail.

Apparently it was his and the empress’ dream to go to space… or something… but that failed too. Why couldn’t he have just borrowed Al’s Exile?

Further Thoughts

I like how Dian took out an entire squadron of Guild starfish with a single pistol shot.

And what were Fam and Giselle thinking to go up against Lusciana, a knife wielding master killer, alone and on foot?

If there’s one thing this show did right, it’s the scenery.

What happened to Lavie? Her voice is completely different, and the way she’s hanging onto Claus is somewhat disturbing. I guess she grew up, but then she should at least get clothes for an adult…

Teddy makes his final appearance. You will be missed, Teddy! I missed him enough in the second half of the show when he never showed up, though.

15 thoughts on “Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing 20 + 21 — Happily Ever After

  1. Luscinia’s plan was quite dumb but he had the resources to at least make it possible but in the end he ultimately failed, if he could just have redirected the war effort to exploration, then resources wouldn’t be a problem unless the whole world is still a desolate place and the only arable lands are near the grand lake, THERE IS ONE AGENCY TO BE BLAMED! THE GUILD it was their job to oversee the regeneration but what the heck happened to them?

    1. I don’t know what the Guild’s been doing… I guess just practicing their dagger fight skills all day.

      1. Hmm… the Guild was established for scientific purposes they should be nerds in lab coats and glasses not lightsaber wielding assassins.

  2. the blast them all plan resembles the League of Nations during 20’s however they did not wield cannons like the grand exile but economic embargoes.

    1. Huh, my impression had always been that the League of Nations was completely useless. Well, I guess we know from them that Luscinia’s plan’s not going to work.

      1. To me i think the Luscinia is very similar to
        Uncle Sam though the latter was quite pretentious in his deeds while Luscinia was blunt. Uncle Sam tends to invade nations under the guise of liberation and democracy while Luscinia uses mass mobilization of airborne battleships and exiles for mass destruction and genocide. nonetheless both are imperialistic in mind.

        1. Yeah, they’re both examples of imperialism, but I’d of course much prefer the guise of liberation and democracy to mass destruction and genocide. 🙂

  3. hmm… i think we’ve missed something two years ago between Claus and Lavie i think it is implied that the two have now a deeper relationship and sad to say i was rooting for Tatiana too bad but the redhead won tsk. tsk. If i was Tatiana i would ask Sara Augusta and Sophia to make some harem laws hahahaah!!!!



      1. We don’t need the Grand Exile to do that even with all the 5 fleets of the Ades navy can bring all the nations on Earth on its knees.

  5. I didn’t get Luscinia’s plan either.

    Most important thing in these episodes to me was Millia: She has grown enormously. Just compare the little girl from the start which had courage but no life experience at all with the military commander she is now. Besides, she looks just awesome in that black uniform!

    1. Millia did grow tremendously, she’s definitely the most developed character of the series. It’s too bad very little of that growth rubbed off on Fam. And her new costume is great!

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