Litchi DE Hikari Club — First Impression

This is another one of those 30-second flash things. It was supposed to be funny. It was less funny than the new Hayate.

Normally I wouldn’t even waste my time commenting on how awful this was, but some ignorant moron told me this would be “absolutely amazing”, one of the best shows this season. I just had to call him out on his BS.

15 thoughts on “Litchi DE Hikari Club — First Impression

  1. I seriously don’t know why anyone who didn’t read the manga would bother with this. What little enjoyment I got was from seeing how the episode played a bit with the group dynamic in the manga. The actual jokes and end punchline weren’t really funny, as you wrote. Although I doubt many of the manga’s fans would enjoy this since it’s something completely different rather than a straight adaptation (and we all know how much deviating from the source rankles them).

    1. Actually…I didn’t mind. That might be because I didn’t like the manga that much. It was good, but it was not exactly something I’d recommend to a bunch of people either because of its material, and it gets too much at times in the manga itself.

      Also, yes Draggle, you should have done more research 🙂 . I heard it was supposed to be a short, so I knew coming in what it would be xD Now, whether I knew the animation would be so poor…

    2. So the manga’s actually good? Interesting. I don’t get what the point is of making such an awful short then, especially if they actually had good material to work with.

      1. There are several levels of irony running concurrently. The manga is easily one of the more….original things that the medium has produced, and seeing an anime adaption of it would be insane.

        This? Was a lowbrow flash animation short based on a material that is something really really different. How else would you adapt something strange and interesting by making it bland and unoriginal?

        1. I guess I will have to check out the manga then. It seems to have an excellent reputation. It’s too bad the anime had to fail to live up to expectations so spectacularly.

  2. This is why you need to research what you watch you smuck. Although to be fair, the announcement it was a flash short came in the middle of August when I had already done my own research, so I didn’t know either.

    Oh another note, watch Wooser.

  3. To be honest, the shorts seem more like a 4-koma gag that was never published into the manga because it will ruin the artsy pretentiousness of the manga. Which it kind of did.

    Iunno, I’m not gonna defend the hell out of the show since:

    a) We would kind of EXPECT that they won’t be faithful to the source material AT ALL due to censorship, since let’s face it: blood, gore, sex, and pretense is jotted LOADS into the manga.

    b) We would expect that we have to READ the manga to get all the jokes: like Jaibo’s homosexual undertones and the “spoiling all the plotlines to the manga” as a suggestion for torture. Hell, Kanon (she was supposed to be kidnapped later on) and Litchi (he was still a skeleton frame at the time) were automatically introduced in the supposed FIRST SCENE.

    At best, it’s just a flash animation that just wondered in the TV accidentally. At worst: I don’t like it. And I actually LOVED the manga.

    1. Blood, gore, sex, and pretense? Are you trying to make me curious? Because it’s working. I just might have to go read this…

      1. I might also add that the manga was more of a exploitative parodical tribute to the ero-guro genre, especially to Suehiro Maruo’s works. Especially on how over-the-top everything felt.

        Long story short: The Anime is a parody OF the parody and we should expect NOTHING but a parody.

        1. So I guess you really do have to read the manga to appreciate it. Although it doesn’t seem like many who have read the manga are appreciating the anime, anyway.

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