Locodol — First Impressions


A girl is tricked by her uncle into becoming a local idol.

I had written this off in the first half as yet another show about cute girls doing nothing.


Then the uncle comes in and blackmails the main character into being an idol. They give a show and make idiots of themselves. Kind of amusing. Still, not amusing enough to continue watching.

2 thoughts on “Locodol — First Impressions

  1. Someone actually make an ‘investigation’ and comes up with conclusion that it is the blonde who actually blackmailing the MC but instead of directly blackmailing the MC, the blonde gives information she has to MC’s uncle in order to use said uncle to blackmail MC in her place without triggering uncle’s and MC’s alarm…

    I guess I’ll take this interpretation to allow me keep watching it…

    1. Hm that would make the uncle appear in a slightly better light, I think it’s more amusing if it’s the uncle blackmailing her though haha.

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