Love Stage!! — First Impressions


Ok, so before the credits I was planning to drop this. It looked retarded. Guy and cross-dressing guy holding hands, getting all lovey-dovey, flowers blossoming, pink backgrounds, all that. No. BL is not my thing.


But it became better once it turned out that the main character was mortally opposed to this and to all forms of acting and an otaku with no chance of getting a job who’s also a cry baby. Normally I would hate that kind of character but it’s funny how pathetic he is. It turns out when he first met the other main character he pissed his pants. Also the other guy likes him but thinks he’s a girl.

Then there’s more hilarity like random guys running up and hugging the main character in the middle of class, that kind of thing.

I doubt I’ll manage to finish the entire show, but I’ll at least watch the next episode.

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