Luck and Logic — First Impressions

The title is misleading. There is no logic. Or luck. Only suffering. Everything is suffering.


The main character sacrifices his personality. But he had none to begin with. Worship without sacrifice is a deadly sin.


He’s the stereotypical mighty lead character who never loses. Not going to need any luck for that. He has the stereotypical imouto. With slight tsundere tendencies.


He meets a cute girl. Falls on top of her. Forced to live with her against his will.

What a novel anime. Full of excitement and twists.

9 thoughts on “Luck and Logic — First Impressions

      1. I disagree. It’s superficially cliched, but thematically and narratively it’s about on par with almost all of the other pretty good episode one’s that have aired this season. But you’re free to go out of your way to hate it, it’s just an anime.

  1. But wait! If he has no personality, then why does he care about falling on ?

    Plot twist: the main character had no personality and didn’t give a flying , but they gave that personality up and received the harem anime lead personality.

    I haven’t actually watched the show, but meh. Close enough.

    1. I didn’t realize angle brackets took things out. I assume this means html is usable?
      Just for clarity’s sake, the first missing word was something like “randomgirlswhohavehairthatdefiesgravity” (what a great word,) and the second is probably self-explanatory.

    2. Hm that twist would be much more interesting. Maybe he can lose his personality and gain the one which doesn’t give a flying fuck. We can dream at least…

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