Mahouka S2 02 — The Ruling Class are the True Victims

Due to popular demand, I will be going back to episodic blogging for Mahouka! I know you all can’t wait!!!

The Joy of Torture

Recall from from season 1 that Erika is fucked up and loves torturing people. We have some consistent character development here— Erika’s main reaction to learning of the mysterious criminals using people as blood factories is jealousy. She looks so excited.

And of course I forgot that she comes from a family of police. Torture seems to be a great family tradition.

Looks like she is speaking from experience here.

Fuck These Snowflakes — We are the Oppressed

Humanists… truly the worst, most despicable people. The main reason these murders are a problem is not that innocent people are dying… oh no! It is that they are making magicians look bad, and the poors might get upset and we might lose our place as the ruling class. How could these magicless people possibly survive on their own without us to take care of them???!

Of course, no one gives a fuck about the victims until they learn they are all magicians. It is more important that it makes magicians look bad. But then it becomes an existential threat to the Japanese people.

I love how in Mahouka Tatsuya started out as everyone thinking he couldn’t use magic and he got put in the worst class. In any other anime people would learn from this that maybe they shouldn’t look down on the weak, or something along those lines. But in Mahouka, the lesson is just that they need a better ranking system to figure out who is truly superior. Might as well just do it by family bloodline, since that is the most reliable.


The world of Mahouka understands family values.

The man is in charge, of course.

And the true unit of power in society ought to be the family. We don’t need any of this democracy shit when we could let powerful families rule Japan. After all, they have superior genes, just like Donald Trump whose uncle was a professor at MIT. Oligarchy is the best way to run a country, clearly. At least until Tatsuya takes his rightful place as emperor.


They immediately conclude that the killer is a foreigner based solely on the fact that they are killing Japanese magicians. Because why would any Japanese kill a Japanese magician????

I can’t understand how people can think like the Mahouka author.

Further Thoughts


If you’re going to show off the boobs at least attempt to draw them properly??? Wtf????

DALLAS IS NOT IN THE SOUTHWEST, JESUS CHRIST. At least do some basic research!

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