Mahouka S2 Ep. 12 — Won’t Anyone Think of the Oppressed Ruling Class?

The magicians ruling the country are having a pleasant cocktail party on the top floor of the newest, fanciest building in Japan.

What evil, wicked terrorists!


That’s right, tell her Tatsuya!

Hm. The magicians sigh in commiseration at how much they have suffered, as they clink their cocktail glasses together in a toast and grab another sample of foie gras from a passing butler. Why couldn’t the muggles understand how much they had suffered? All they wanted was to reign supreme as the most evolved form of humans. Clearly that would be best for everyone.

Society should value people based on their usefulness. Not doing so is discrimination.

Further Thoughts

Lots of chatting about how gathering information from the terrorists is more important than stopping them from killing people. It sounds like that’s what the terrorists would say, but ok then.

Several minutes discussing the design details of a magical skyscraper. I am not a civil engineer, but I can tell you that depending on humans for structural stability is A BAD IDEA.

These characters are just lol. Can they at least wear different lipstick? And did they not just steal these character designs from Rozen Maiden?

Let’s throw in some casual transphobia and call it a night!

2 thoughts on “Mahouka S2 Ep. 12 — Won’t Anyone Think of the Oppressed Ruling Class?

  1. Using magic as the structure of your boulding is dumb. They should have used Tatsuya iresistible pheromones.

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