Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to —- First Impressions


A perverted mangaka builds a harem.

I read a good deal of the manga for this. Amusingly enough, what it stood out for most was its godawful fan translation. Whoever translated it clearly did not speak English. Pretty sure they machine translated a Korean translation or something.


But setting that aside, the animation is a pretty faithful adaptation of the manga. The manga had very short chapters with one simple joke, and here we have the same format, with multiple quick segments in each short episode. The show’s main problem is the same problem the manga had, that none of the jokes are particularly good. The mangaka wants to grope breasts. The mangaka buys women’s underwear. The mangaka discusses whether full or partial view of panties is better. The girls slap him.

I’m not sure why I read as much of this manga as I did. Aside from the fact that the chapters were so short it didn’t take too long.

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