Maoyuu Mao Muusha — First Impression



Spice and Wolf with macroeconomics and huge breasts.

The hero goes to defeat the demon king. After he learns that the stimulus from war has saved the human economy, he changes his mind and becomes her boyfriend.


My only complaint is: why does she have to have such huge breasts, and why do they keep shoving them in our face? It’s not attractive, in fact, it’s the only part of her that actually looks like a demon (oh, and the removable horns were hilarious).



Otherwise, I do like the female’s personality. Great flashback there. The hero needs some work, but we are just getting started.

The idea that war is justified by economic necessity is monstrous, of course (you could get the same stimulus through large, non-violent government projects) but I assume that with the young prince asking his questions, they aren’t going to let that idea go unchallenged.

12 thoughts on “Maoyuu Mao Muusha — First Impression

  1. I am looking forward to this one for sure (more than the other two non-shorts that aired thus far). Hope the following week will give me another series or so to follow, in addition to Chihayafuru S2.
    And the boobs aren’t THAT bad, it seems other female characters look relatively normal, and I do not forsee forced panty shots and such to occur in this series.

    1. The other female characters look normal, but this is the one we have to see most often. 🙁 I hope we can avoid the panty shots, it’s looking promising, but htis is ARMS.

  2. Maou is cute but yeah her boobs were like BOUNCE, BOUNCE, BOUNCE with every dam step it made me laugh and Yuusha’s reactions were pretty much how i reacted like DAMN GIRL STOP THAT…the removable horns moment was so random and yet I couldn’t stop laughing also Maou molesting that pillow of Yuusha was great~

    I think I will follow this series.

    1. She defies the laws of physics, she’s going to have back problems. The removable horns and the pillow were the best parts.

  3. Distracting boobs aside, I’m convinced to give it a couple more episodes to see where it goes. The questions this show raised are typical but still thought provoking. I’m quite eager to see what they have up their sleeves for the story.

    1. Yeah, I did like it, aside from the boob issues. It seems like it’ll be interesting, and it has a good sense of humor.

  4. With Mysterious Girlfriend X and this, is FUCKING ARMS making a genuine attempt at not being the worst animation studio? This is the best show so far this season. That is horrifying. HORRIFYING

    1. It was pretty much the first show to air, so I wouldn’t worry that much. 🙂

      But yeah, it seems like they are actually trying.

  5. Ah, well war as a fiscal multiplier is just the initial premise of the show I would think.

    Otherwise the economics should be relatively easy enough. On the other hand it seems they’re doing a mix of the various adaptations. I certainly like the randomness.

    1. The random humor worked pretty well, let’s hope they can keep it up. You’re probably right, its take on economics should be broader than what we’ve seen so far.

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