Mirai Nikki 04 — Axes and Zombies

Ahahaha this episode was awesome! Definitely my favorite so far.


This episode did a great job at capturing what I loved about the manga. First off is Yuno.

I love the scene where Yukiteru gets picked up at his house. He just spent the past night with nightmares of Yuno clawing at his door after he saw the dead bodies at her house. And when he’s about to tell the police officer what he saw:

It’s a great mismatch between what Yuno’s saying and what she’s actually saying.

Then later on, we learn that she’s actually thinking of murdering other girls who get too close to Yuki:

I love the language in the diary. “I have to protect Yukki.” “I have to kill that bitch.” These are one and the same for Yuno. And some of the language makes it clear that, despite everything, Yuno is a high school girl. The phrases “What a horrible bitch!”, “talking crap about me”, and “It’s all her fault.” in particular come to mind.

It’s the contrast which makes me love Yuno’s character so much. Half the time she’s a sweet and innocent lovelorn high school girl, and half the time she’s a deranged serial killer. And as we see, there really isn’t much of a contradiction between the two.

So it leaves us and Yukiteru on our feet, wondering: what’s Yuno going to do next? Will she save Yukiteru, or will she murder him? Both seem equally likely. The scene at the end of the episode made this clear:

I wonder what it says about human psychology that the scariest thing about Yuno is her smile.

Everything Else!

Another thing I loved about this particular episode (and Mirai Nikki in general) is the sheer level of insanity they take things to. We have a massive brainwashed cult. The massive brainwashed cult gets hypnotized. The oracle and Yuno play tug of war over Yuki, a game which may turn deadly. The followers turn into zombies, which Yuno nonchalantly begins to chop up with her axe.

At the same time, we have Nine chained up in the basement for some good fanservice, while another crazy person dresses up as a hero. It’s ever so much fun!

Here’s another bag over the head, which I mentioned a few days ago while talking abut UN-GO. Where does this come from? This particular design reminds me of the teru teru bozu used to bring good weather.

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6 thoughts on “Mirai Nikki 04 — Axes and Zombies

  1. ahhh… now that you mentioned it, 12th’s head costume does look like a teru teru bozu :))

    this episode’s pretty good though i have to admit that it feels a little off when it comes to the creepy-ness compared to the previous episodes.

    1. I seem to be in the minority in enjoying this episode the most so far. I kind of wonder if I was just in the right mood at the time.

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