Mirai Nikki 12 — You’re Under Arrest

The way they made the detective jump on Ninth was pretty funny…

Grenade Standoff

They did a great job on this standoff scene. When Fourth starts running, Yukiteru thinks it’s because he’s going to kill him, but it’s actually because he saw Yuno. Yuno makes mincemeat of the SWAT team, and only Fourth is a threat.

This standoff was intense. We see Yuno’s life flash before her eyes. It’s all memories of stalking Yukiteru, of course, with her creepy smile. I love that pose where her face is half hidden behind a pole. But as epic romantic music plays in the background, Yuno concludes that it is ok if she dies:

Poor Yukki. But a great scene. I think it did a good job at portraying Yuno’s stalker side in the way that she herself sees it: as a pure expression of love.

This episode did seem to be overusing the hostage standoff scene, though…

And why was Yukkiteru surprised when he discovered Yuno was carrying the wedding photo with her? That was probably the most predictable thing she did the entire episode.

Anyway, the next episode should be good! If we’re at the point I think we are, this is where things really started to get crazy in the manga…

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2 thoughts on “Mirai Nikki 12 — You’re Under Arrest

  1. Crazier? Sweet. Fancy. MOSES.

    Admittedly, this arc wasn’t as insanely fun or as bat-shit crazy as some of the others, but it did treat Fourth in a satisfactory way.

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