Mirai Nikki 20 — Let’s Make Babies

They made a real mess of this relationship.

Probably a good half of my enjoyment of the manga came from shipping Ninth and Nishijima. So I was quite disappointed earlier when they turned the whole thing into a joke.

Ok, fine. It *was* pretty funny. BUT I’m still disappointed that they didn’t treat it seriously.

Nishijima dying was not particularly tragic in the TV series’ telling. Nor was his coming to the rescue particularly inspiring. It was just silly.

But not all is lost. Here, have some Ninth pictures:

Further Thoughts

Nice car. No, seriously, this looks terrible.

The mayor wants his city to become the master race of prophets, and the orphanage lady wears a server strapped to her underwear. Even by Mirai Nikki’s own standards, these two villains are pretty terrible.

Mao is definitely the yuri version of Yuno. Maybe she should have been the main character instead.

Yuno and Yukki’s entrances were both badass at the end. Yukkiteru is massacring people with automatic weapons without even blinking now. For Yuno that’s just the norm, but still, the way they work together is impressive.

Speaking of the two of them, I was quite disappointed with the way the revelation that Yuno isn’t the “real” Yuno was handled. I mentioned in the comments last week that we could expect Yukki’s crowning moment of awesome in response to this (when he would accept Yuno regardless). But instead, the creators treated it as if Yukki’s reaction was completely natural. I felt like it would have helped a lot in making Yukki’s transition from whimpy kid to machine gun toting badass more natural if they had acknowledged that this took some guts.

9 thoughts on “Mirai Nikki 20 — Let’s Make Babies

  1. I agree entirely, they really made a mess of exposing this. I was really looking forward to this as well, as someone who has read the manga, as its pretty much the point I started to like Yukki as a character because he was just annoying before.

    Must say though, I still enjoyed it – its hard not to enjoy such an awesome show.

    1. My thoughts are pretty much the same. No matter how badly they screwed this up I was going to enjoy it, it was only a question of how much. 🙂

  2. I would’ve liked to have seen Yuki acknowledge Yuno in a more dramatic manner too. Considering the revelation that Yuno wasn’t Yuno ended on a cliffhanger, Yuki’s reaction should’ve been epic.

  3. Yukki’s acceptance of Yuno was actually just fine for me. I did not understand anyways why it should be a big deal for him if “Gasai Yuno” turns out to be a fake name, as long as it’s the same person he became to know closer starting with ep.1.

    Minene sure became more likeable and moe in this ep. Her blushing at the sight of the pregnant squirrels was cute and reminded me of a similar scene in the OP of Shin Koihime Musou (with Bachou, in case you have watched that awesome show). I can’t quite recall why Minene became a terrorist in the first place?

    Mao’s useless Nikki Diary was hilarious. And Yukki with that Katana, how awesome!

    I just wonder what’s in store for the remaining six episodes since this looks almost like a boss fight.

    1. I watched the first season of Koihime Musou but forcibly restrained myself from watching the second and third. 🙂 I don’t think it was ever fully explained why Minene became a terrorist (at least not in the show).

      Mao’s diary was great.

      If I remember correctly, the final boss fight should take a while. And then it should take another episode to deal with the aftermath.

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