Moretsu Pirates 07 — Let’s Finish This, I Have School Tomorrow

Yo, ho, yo, ho, a pirate’s life for me!

Fun Fun Fun

Being a pirate just looks so much fun. First, you get to wear an awesome costume.

You also get to move around the ship on giant transparent slides. Best mode of transport!


I missed this last week, but not only do the people who are robbed get paid back by the insurance companies. The luxury ships themselves pay the pirates to rob them! I can’t imagine that goes over too well with the insurance companies…

I still can’t get over how thrilled these people are to get robbed.

Time Commitments

She’s already struggling to do both school and piracy. Yet she still does her job as a maid? Why? I’m sure piracy pays much better. You can’t do everything Marika. Sometimes you have to give things up.

And how can you be a pirate who doesn’t threaten people?!! That’s the whole point!

Further Thoughts

I hate her makeup. She looks much better without it.

I love how she complains about putting on the pirate costume. This show does have a focus on more practical concerns of piracy.

Needs more Chiaki.

Awesome technology. An actual wind-up pocketwatch that doubles as a holographic email reader. I want one for myself!

14 thoughts on “Moretsu Pirates 07 — Let’s Finish This, I Have School Tomorrow

  1. But Draggle! Marika wants to wear that cute maid uniform and serve tea, but I agree you would think robbing people from their riches would make way more money! Especially when you hit up the rich ships…YES! We need more Chiaki-chan and everyone knows she really missed hanging out with Marika.

    Slides, epic pocket watches, dreams and horrible makeup! I did laugh every time she complained about having to change from normal clothes to pirate uniform…that would get old very fast xD

    Dat loli princess…I guess Marika might have a new “little sister” to watch out for at school since she joins up as “mysterious transfer student/princess”

    1. For the princess, I’m not entirely looking forward to this… Well, I have no idea what they’re planning to do with her, so we’ll see.

  2. Well, OK. It’s more of a slice-of-life/life of a pirate than action or thrills (at least so far). Not terrible, I guess. It’s an average series now. Somewhat enjoyable.

  3. I have the feeling that Marika gets cuter and more clumsy by the day. Just watch her clueless face in the background while her crew is managing the battle w/o her – – . Next time they enter a pirated liner she will trip and fall flat on her face!

    I think the ship is designed to show as much of the captain’s leg and miniskirt as possible. Why make a practical design if you don’t have to fight for real? The picture below “Further Thoughts” is actually my favourite from your selection – I love the brown kneesocks and they are a great contrast to that fancy pirate uniform.

    If this show becomes K-ON in space it will be just fine for me!

    1. Yeah, now that she has a crew that knows what it’s doing, it doesn’t seem like the captain’s job is nearly as critical. I’m guessing they’ll get into some tight spots eventually though.

      I do like the costume, along with the socks. Just not the makeup, particularly on the lips.

      1. I will agree on the makeup if she starts to wear it on a regular basis (then I’d drop this show) but I didn’t mind it for these few shots. It looked to me more like a young girl trying out this stuff for the first time which I found rather cute.

        1. True, if she only wears it rarely it’s more amusing than anything else. She seems like a quick learner though, so hopefully she’ll figure out she doesn’t need it.

    1. I guess. Although after such consistent character development, we knew the characters pretty well for a while now. It’s not like we’re learning *new* things about them at the moment.

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