Moretsu Pirates 09 — Food is King

Opening Narration

Lately, the best part of each episode has been the opening narration. Marika does things like fly through tubes, we see fantastic planets, and we feel like a pirate adventure is about to begin!

And then… all the energy just peters out and dissolves into thin air. It looked from last week like, once again, we were about to be sucked into a fantastic battle… and then the dress was delivered, and everyone went their own way peacefully. Every single time, they end on this amazing cliffhanger, which leads absolutely nowhere. It’s infuriating!

No, Marika, no! You’d better be wrong! We need a huge spectacle! Make it happen!

Chiaki is Back

Yes! She needs a good glomp!

Phew. Now that that’s taken care of…

Moving on…

The Pirate Queen

So the princess’ wish (and mine) from last week was granted, and she got to dress up as a pirate captain. I was kind of hoping the outfit would fit, but this works too.

I like how the yacht club has the reputation of being the place to get anything illegal done. This is like the mafia. I agree with Chiaki though, their reputation is well deserved.

And the princess makes friends. How nice.

I would care more if I actually knew something about any of the yacht club members besides Jenny. I had my hopes up when I saw they had such a large cast, but most of the characters have ended up being extras used to fill space.  I do hope we get to learn more of the other club members.

I also want to see more of Marika’s fellow waiter now. I’m guessing she’ll have a more prominent role due to her placement in the opening as Marika’s left hand man (Chiaki is on the right).

6 thoughts on “Moretsu Pirates 09 — Food is King

  1. OH MIGHTY FOOD! You are indeed strong! That chef just looked awesome and he had a metal arm? Nice!

    Ah this episode it was great and Mami’s evil laugh? PERFECT! She makes for a great “dream villain” huh? At least we got to see more Marika and Chiaki interaction I always love watching them chat and hang out.

    So what do you think is on the Golden Ghost Ship? Treasure? I think Gruier is actually looking for someone on board! Most people have commented saying there might be someone stuck in cyro sleep or something like that. I guess we will find out soon xD

    1. Mami as the villain would be amazing.

      Someone in cyro on board would be believable. It sounded like the entire royal family has the same genetic makeup, so it could be something to do with that.

  2. Seconded, the solution of the cliffhanger was disappointing. I also think the new ED song is a lot less impressive than the first one.

    The Yacht Club scene was cool, though. I’d like to see what happens to Gruier after the girls take her away.

    On another note I wonder if (read: hope) this is developing into a yuri romance Marika/ Chiaki or even a love triangle Marika > Chiaki > Mami!

    1. A love triangle would be amazing. Somehow I doubt it though… I would just be satisfied with more Chiaki and Mami in general.

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