Moretsu Pirates 13 — I Quit

When the highlight of the episode is salivating over some animated food, you know something’s wrong…

I give up. This is the first time I’ve ever done this, but unless this show really picks up next week, I’m dropping the weekly posts. I hate to quite halfway through, but the show bores and disappoints me ever week. The show doesn’t even fail in an entertaining way like Guilty Crown did. I never have anything to say anyway, aside from how much I hate Misa, and perhaps this way I can pick up another new show.

Just a few quick comments: Marika has such a weird relationship with her mother. They act like they’re close, but Marika doesn’t even know her mother’s quitting her job? And why does Marika call her Ririka-san? It seems downright rude.

For the one good thing that came out of this episode, Jenny died graduated! Whoo hoo! I hope she lives happily ever after somewhere we never see her again.

14 thoughts on “Moretsu Pirates 13 — I Quit

  1. Yeah you are onto something Mr. Draggle! This series is really interesting but I think they are lacking something? Maybe we are wanting more pirate on pirate battles and less of the Hnngggg cute moments with Marika? I will agree there were hardly any real OMG THAT WAS AWESOME moments as of late…and the previous episode was a let down for most fans.

    It reminds me of BRS, as in we don’t care for the school life drama of the girls but we crave the other world fights! At least that is how I feel about Mouretsu right now.

    Yeah Ririka and Marika have a odd relationship and it appears to be more of a older sister/ younger sister thing between them…and what does her new job mean? I have a feeling they are setting up a disaster! I think her mom is going to become a pilot? Honestly I can see them killing her off for “drama” or having her get lost and Marika has to search for her! Either way I hope something happens with her.


    1. Yes, more pirate battles, less hugging and giggling! If her mother died that would be a vast improvement over what they’re doing now: some actual conflict! Unfortunately I bet they’ll do something dumb. Like hire her mom as the Bentenmaru’s chef, since they’ve spent so much time discussing her cooking recently.


  2. Welcome to the club, I dropped Nothing Happens, The Animation too. Marika and hers EHHHHH! were too annoying. It’s a pity, because it looked so much potential.

  3. I dropped this show at about episode 04. I really didn’t understand why some people liked it, nothing happens. But then, what kind of sophistication or adventure we can expect from an Bodacious Space Pirates, I’m not sure.

  4. When you say drop does it mean you will stop watching or only your weekly posts?
    (if you stop now will you eventually give a review for the whole series when its over?)

    1. I’ll stop the weekly posts, but keep watching and still give a review when the series ends. Looks like I’ll be replacing Space Pirates with Space Bros~

  5. Draggle, Draggle – it’s quite funny, usually we agree pretty much but all of your recent posts (since Nisemono review) are quite opposite of what I think!

    In this ep. I particularly liked Marika hugging her pillow: . I could stop here.

    I started liking Mouretsu Pirates exactly *because* nothing happens! Slice of life shows w/o any male main characters are one of my favourite genres. I haven’t watched many anime w/ space battles but in live action they rarely captivated me (although I like sci-fi in general). Taking up foshizzel’s comparison with BRS above, it’s completely opposite for me as I liked the angsty school drama in that show and found the other-world-fights boring and hard to follow!

    Admitted, the “bodacious” stuff is only bodacious in a catholic school girl’s imagination but I find this cute. As I wrote in some comment before this show feels to me like a pajama party, which I like. Yes, I like the mini skirts, I like Marika being ditzy, I like Gruier in a plug suit, the BGM is pretty good and some eps (like most of ep 12) are pretty well directed imo.

    And I mean, hey, who would give a show which is truly bodacious this word in the title? It’s like calling “Another” as “The Most Fearsome Another” – which such an overblown title it almost can’t be meant in earnest!

    On a sidenote, you point out an interesting aspect of Marika’s and Ririka’s relationship. It seems that it is actually quite distant with Ririka being rather like a tutor than a mother to Marika. Maybe that’s why Marika is so clingy.

    1. Ah, I see. Yeah, I don’t like shows where nothing happens. Stuff like Aria just knocks me right out, unfortunately. I like everything on your list too, but I fall asleep. :/

      If they called Another “The Most Fearsome Another” I think I would have liked the show better since I wouldn’t have taken it so seriously! Then I could have just laughed when someone got offed in increasingly ridiculous ways and enjoyed myself.

  6. I definitely agree with you about Mouretsu Pirates. I keep reading everywhere about how great it is, but except for maybe one episode, this anime really doesn’t interest me at all. It’s just so boring!

    1. Yes, exactly. It occasionally gets exciting, only to resolve things in some dull way behind the scenes and go back to school. Ugh.

  7. I absolutely agree with everything you said, I went into this anime expecting action packed pirates and genuine adventure. Boy was I wrong, I found Moretsu Pirates to be fairly mind-numbing and quite frankly I have no idea why I kept watching until the 20th episode. Maybe I was hoping that it would somehow get better……

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