Moyashimon Review — C

Let’s brew! The microbial adventures of the agricultural students continues.

While the second season of Moyashimon wasn’t bad, it also wasn’t that memorable. The first arc was particularly lackluster— I can barely even remember what happened. I think there was some “mystery” involving a tunnel that no one really cared about. Plus lengthy discussions of brewing sake. Boring.

It did pick up in the second half, when everyone went off to France in search of Haruka and met Yuuki’s clone who’s actually a girl. It was very random but at least things were happening. I wasn’t really a fan of the subplot involving Haruka though.

I should mention that the animation is much more cutesy than the first season. I didn’t mind, but some people seemed to. Consider yourselves warned.

Overall it was a fairly uninspiring sequel, but if you liked the first season it’s worth a watch.

  • Storytelling – C – Dull first half, second half was more interesting.
  • Voice – B – Talking microbes— need I say more?
  • Characters – B – I forgot most of the first season, so correct me if I’m wrong, but I felt like the characters had stronger personalities before. Here they seemed more subdued— possibly due to the change in animation.
  • Attention Grab – D – I stopped watching for a month after episode 5 because I was bored, but ended up picking it up again.
  • Production – B – New animation style, looks decent if a bit cutesy.
  • Overall – C

Recommendations – Genshiken, Nodame Cantabile

3 thoughts on “Moyashimon Review — C

  1. I agree, C is an appropriate rating for this series. Actually I was disappointed as the original Moyashimon (which I haven’t watched yet) seems to have a stellar reputation.

    There were only few elements which kept me watching – Oikawa was nice to watch; I learned a few things about fermentation (although the infos were mostly just snippets); I had nice memories of a holiday in Burgundy long ago. On the other hand, I wouldn’t rate “voice” with “B” for the talking microbes – they were insignificant to the plot, weren’t they?

    1. That’s true, the microbes were pretty insignificant. In the last season they had a much bigger role from what I remember (which isn’t much). The first season was much more interesting though, although in my opinion the reputation is a bit more than the show deserves.

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