Mysterious Girlfriend X — First Impression

So sexy~!

I’ve been looking forward to Mysterious Girlfriend X, since I adore the manga this is based on. Unfortunately manga I like don’t have the best record of being adapted well, so I was restraining my optimism.  But this was great!

Urabe is an awesome character. How can anyone say no to someone with such a great laugh?! She literally rolls on the floor laughing. Plus there’s her drool, her quirkiness, and we haven’t even seen her secret weapon yet.

I love how aggressive she is. She can just go in the room of a boy she barely knows and sit down in bed with him. But she has her limits, as we’ll soon see.

They made an excellent choice on her voice actor. The worst thing they could have done to this show was give her a high pitched girly voice. I think the choice is excellent.

The production values are rock solid. It has this look that gives it a bit of a nostalgic feel, which captures the manga perfectly, particularly the hairstyles. It feels a bit blocky in parts, such as the classroom scene, but in others it’s remarkably detailed, such as the dream scene. They know how to capture the important details, as shown in the picture above. Way to model that dirt!

I enjoyed the music as well, which gives off the feeling of a carnival.

Right now my schedule is looking like Space Bros on Sunday (more likely Monday), Zombie on Wednesday, Polar Bear Cafe on Thursday, and Fate / Zero and Mysterious Girlfriend X on Saturday. I may pick up Sankarea on Thursday as well depending on the next episode. We still have a few more shows waiting to premiere too, so I’m not setting anything in stone yet.

11 thoughts on “Mysterious Girlfriend X — First Impression

  1. You’re picking up pretty much all the same shows that I am. Can’t wait to start Sankarea, but I’m going to wait until Fate/Zero is over because I can’t watch that unless I know that I won’t have to wait for the next episode.

    I don’t think I need to explain the awesomeness of Mysterious Girlfriend X any farther.

    I like the play that they make in the manga (most recent chapters). So awesome.

    1. I can understand watching Fate / Zero in one sitting, I get a bit impatient as well.

      And yeah, the Mysterious Girlfriend X manga is great. I’ve fallen a bit behind, need to catch up.

  2. Agreed on everything you write about this show, it was awesome! Nostalgic shows seem to be a trend as Lupin III is also quite retro styled.

    Re your blogging plans:

    What do you think about Natsuiro Kiseki? After Kuromajo-san it’s my favourite from the shows this season so far. And I would say the good stuff is yet to come: We’ll get a new KyoAni show, we’ll get Nyaruko-san and I expect Sakamichi no Apollon to be at least equally stylish and nostalgic as this one. In any case I’m looking forward to your posts this season – I’ll most likely follow all of the shows you mention except for Space Brothers which sounds like endless boredom to me.

    1. Eh? I actually hadn’t realized Natsuiro Kiseki came out yet. I’ll give it a watch tonight or tomorrow probably.

      As for the other shows, I haven’t seen them yet. Sakamichi no Apollon is a possibility, but I know basically nothing about Lovecraft so Nyaruko-san is out.

      Btw, have you ever considered blogging yourself? Based on your comments you’d be really good at it. If you’d ever like to give it a try, this site is always open to you to post on, you could try blogging a show from this season or something~

      1. Nyuaruko-san’s 1st ep was quite a letdown for me. Most likely you aren’t missing much if you don’t watch it.

        And thank you for the compliment! I did consider blogging but my comments already take me ages to write and my work is quite demanding atm. Things may calm down a bit in the second half of this year, so I might get back to your kind offer. Until then I will most likely have to restrict myself to the odd comment here and there.

  3. The studio has a stellar resume, with greats like Seikon no Qwaser, Manyuu Hikenchou, and Aki Sora! Gotta check it out!

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