Natsuiro Kiseki — First Impression

It’s another show about cute girls doing cute things— but this time, with a twist! Two of the girls are jerks!

That might sound like a negative thing, but it’s not. The drama makes everything infinitely more entertaining!

I’ll admit I was starting to get a bit tired of their idiocy, but then they gained magic powers that let them fly. if they all wish for the same thing. No, I’m not making this up.

And it looks like this is going to become an idol anime.

In short, I like it. It’s a show about cute girls doing cute things, but it has enough conflict to keep my interest. It seems like it has a good sense of humor, and the characters are interesting. My favorite is Yuka.

That laugh!!!!


3 thoughts on “Natsuiro Kiseki — First Impression

  1. I’m happy you like this show as it is currently one of my favourites. I’d also mention the fluid animation and the detailed backgrounds. The conflict is fine for me, as well, and is spicing things up. I hope it does not turn into an idol show, though.

    Yuka reminds me a bit of Saten-san in Railgun. Rinko, the pink-haired girl, looks like Bimbougami from Nekogami. My favourite for now is Saki (the blond girl), though, as she seems to be the more complex and troubled character.

    Btw, did you follow last season’s AnoNatsu? I’m just asking b/c it was ranked pretty high in your Winter 2012 preview and it turned out to be one of my favourites in the last season.

    1. Ah, Yuka is similar to Saten, you’re right. She has a better laugh though and is more hyper.

      I did follow AnoNatsu, I still need to watch the episode and write a review… I’ll get on it eventually, so many posts to write these last couple weeks!

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