Natsuyuki Rendezevous — First Impression

A young man falls in love with an older woman who works at a flower shop. He takes a part time job at the shop to get closer to her, and discovers that she’s a widow. Her husband is a ghost that only he can see.

I mentioned in my season preview that I thought this would be terrible because it was a romance in a flower shop. Well, I was wrong. This actually looks pretty promising.

First of all, we actually have a woman in anime who isn’t a 16-year old pure virgin. (Ok, well they still present her as a pure virgin even though she was married, but whatever, we’re making progress.) She does seem like a bit of a wet towel so far who just gets tossed between men, but I’ll give the show the benefit of the doubt and assume that’s just because we don’t know much about her yet.

The main character doesn’t have the courage to act on his crush until the dead husband starts taunting him. I guess he’s the kind of guy who is most inspired when things are a competition. Even if the competition is dead. If there’s no competition though, he just sits around and waits.

The way there’s a ghost that only one person can see reminds me a bit of Ginban Kaleidoscope’s setup. At the moment, I think I may be more interested in what happens between these two guys than in what happens with the girl.

9 thoughts on “Natsuyuki Rendezevous — First Impression

  1. Funny, I just watched Ginban Kaleidoscope last month. It was a rather nice series, despite its meager production values.
    Still need to watch this Natsuyuki Rendezvous as soon as I have the time. XP First week of a new anime season, and I have a bunch of other obligations to attend to.

    1. I’ve been there before. Last summer I just skipped mentioning new shows entirely, it takes a lot of time.

  2. The girl seems pretty bland personality wise, but man is her hairstyle refreshing. Also another nice touch was how despite showing the main character as a shy kind of guy, he can talk to her normally with none of that standard, flustering,blushing,etc that is usually shown..

    1. Yeah, she does have excellent hair. And our main character is shy but not to the point where he completely collapses in the presence of the opposite sex.

  3. I thought this anime would be like other anime, the girl basically gets confessed to but is so dense that she does not realize it. But wow, I was wrong. Though I wonder how they are going to act when they see each other at the flower shop…

  4. Haha, I read your review prior to watching the first ep, and when I read “an older woman” I thought of some obaa-san. I would call the woman in question still “young” though not a girl anymore.
    I’ll follow this for a while, too, even though I’m not really thrilled. But I like flowers and I think the “older woman” is kinda cute. Her husband rather annoys me. I’m quite sure he isn’t opposed to the romance at all (he didn’t say so at all, did he?) but on the contrary tries to push the young man into pursuing her more actively.

    1. Oh no haha! When I say “older woman” when referring to anime, I mean over 16! They’re amazingly rare.

      I agree that the husband actually is trying to push the younger one into pursuing the romance. I mean, they even said he told her to find another man. I guess that’s why he’s sticking around. Not sure why the younger guy is convinced he’s trying to stop him.

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