Nichijou — First Impressions

A few segments were funny, in particular the dropped food segment and everything with Sasahara-senpai, but most of this episode’s humor fell flat for me. Especially the segments with Nano and the Professor— they’re just walking around being cute, but it isn’t funny at all. The segments with Mio, Yuuko and Mai are much stronger.

I’m not going to blog this, but I’ll probably keep watching it. Actually, my enjoyment of this episode was ruined because I had peeked at the manga already and read most of this episode’s jokes. Except I forgot that I had read it, and thought that this episode was just stealing footage from the OVA (I glanced through the OVA again and confirmed that this wasn’t the case). Anyway, the lesson is: don’t read the manga beforehand if you want to be surprised.

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